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Amanat Bulanan Pengerusi 26.9.2018Amanat Bulanan Pengerusi 26.9.2018

[Mesyuarat Penuh Majlis]

YB Datuk Chairman highlighted the following issues :


Appointment Extension of the Councillors

The Council is delighted to inform that the State Cabinet has decided to extend the period of service of the current Councillors for 3 months effective on the 1st of October to 31st of December 2018. Therefore, the Council congratulated the Councillors not only for the extension of service, but for their involvement and commitment in creating policies and being the voices of the community of Sibu.

It is known that SMC Councillors are assigned into 30 different zones covering SMC’s area of jurisdiction and the list of respective zones with their contact numbers have been published in the newspapers and uploaded to the SMC’s website. As an effort to keep themselves updated, the Councillors have joined the WhatsApp Group established for them to capture issues on the ground and also convey complaints and requests from the public. The councillors have been carrying out their duties diligently whereby urgent matters such as potholes, fallen trees, faulty street lighting, litters, illegal parking, clog drains and etc, as raised up by the public through them and those that were found out by the Councillors themselves had been channelled through this WhatsApp group. Then, the staffs would resolve the issues by taking up actions immediately. However, some requests such as upgrading of sinking road, reconstruction of sinking drains that requires funding may have to take some time to complete as Council has to set priorities in view of the constraint of fund. Nevertheless, we applaud the concerns and the constant commitment by the councillors and we wish them all the best during their extension and continue their excellent work not only for SMC but also for the community of Sibu.



Squatters Found at Dump Site in Seng Ling Road

In a very lamentable situation that is facing Sibu nowadays, we are informed that on 3 pieces of private land, squatters were found with around 10 children searching through the rubbish for recyclable items every day. This issue of pitiful and hazardous nature of living should not be pushed aside, and therefore the pictures that were taken at the site are to be shared in the local newspapers to enable the relevant authorities to take appropriate actions to sort this matter. The generous and thoughtful assistance by these authorities are crucial to tackle this issue are very much appreciated as we cannot bear to have part of our society, our people of Sibu to be living in such poor state and they deserve a better quality of life.



Rabies Cases Report

Council has yet to receive any reports of rabies cases. For the record, Council’s Dog Catching Team is the most active team in terms of carrying out the duties. We have been actively catching dogs for this year and from January to August of 2018, we have caught 985 dogs and for this month until 19th of September 2018, we have caught 63 dogs. Council will continue in the efforts of monitoring the cases from neighbouring areas of jurisdiction as well and will continue performing in the best of form of the Dog Catching Team.

Therefore, as a measure of precaution, Council advises the public to have their dogs vaccinated in the rabies vaccination programme by SMC and Jabatan Perkhidmatan Veterinar Sarawak. The programme will be conducted at Hui Ning Garden, Upper Lanang tomorrow on the 26th of September 2018 and at Dewan Suarah Sibu on the 27th of September 2018. The program will be from 9.00 a.m to 2.00 p.m.



Policy To Charge Cleanliness Deposit For Usage Of Dataran Tun Tuanku Bujang Fasa I

Council have agreed that those NGO’s using Dataran Tun Tuanku Bujang Fasa I to organize activities or events for charity purposes will have to pay a deposit of RM1000.00 only for cleanliness. Council wishes the NGO’s to take note of the cleanliness deposit as a kind measure of effort by SMC to keep the cleanliness quality of the Dataran at its best.



2nd Half Assessment Date for 2018

I wish to remind the public that the deadline for assessment bill payment for the 2nd half of the year 2018 will be on 31st October 2018. Payment can be made at SMC counter at UTC Sibu or online through Paybills Malaysia. There will be no reduction or write-off of outstanding fees and surcharges as directed by Ministry of Local Government and Housing. Any requests will not be entertained. Therefore, the public’s kind cooperation regarding this matter is highly sought and appreciated.



Strict Enforcement On Illegal Parking and Improper Handling Rubbish Within Commercial Area

The issues of illegal parking in the town centre, in particular, Channel Road, Khoo Peng Loong Road, Central Road, Raminway, Sanyan Road, Market Road and High Street is creating public disturbance and poses high risk if there is occurrence of any emergency cases. Council would not be tolerant with such irresponsible habit as it will only cause inconvenience to other fellow road users. Council urges the general public to make full use of the multi-storey car park and refrain from illegal parking. At the same time, Police is playing vital roles to actively co-operate with Council in order to strictly enforce the law of illegal parking. Waiver of the compounds will not be entertained. Furthermore, Council may consider raising the quantum of compounds in our efforts to beef up the enforcement.

Council has observed that improper handling rubbish by the proprietor of shophouses within commercial areas is contributing to unpleasant environment and an eyesore to the surrounding area. In fact, there are so many bin centres that have been allocated within Central Business District. It is obviously seen that rubbish was simply dumped either along the 5-foot-ways or backlane of the shophouses. Apart from that, indiscriminate littering is considered as selfish behaviour that polluting our environment; therefore, Council has resolved to increase the fine for littering to RM500 per compound with effect from 1st of July 2017.



Vector Control

For Sibu Division, 40% of the total Dengue outbreak was identified within the jurisdiction of SMC. The total number of Dengue outbreak within the jurisdiction of SMC is 50 cases. The critical zones comprising Zones 5, 7 and 14. Council’s Health Inspectors will be doing their regular surveillance activities in combating Aedes mosquitos.

Therefore, Council urges the general public to seriously look into the cleanliness of their house compound. Council also urges the general public to echo the call by Health Department to take their own initiative to scan their immediate surroundings and destroy any potential breeding grounds for Aedes mosquitos such as pots, empty vessels, plastic sheets, litters, dry leaves and so on.



Paying Assessment Bills to JomPAY

Paying bills nowadays has never been quicker and more convenient. Aside from paying SMC’s assessment bills at UTC Sibu counters, Council encourages public to pay their assessment bills through JomPAY. By using this web service, public can pay instantly at any time, using 40 different banks and without the hassle of waiting in line.



Christmas Tree Decoration Contest 2018

Council is going to organize Christmas Tree decoration contest again this year as initiated by Council Chairman. The Organizing Chairperson of this event will be Cr. Connie Loh Ming Hua. Therefore, Council anticipates the participants to be actively and creatively involved in decorating Christmas Trees to beautify Sibu and to welcome the community into the holiday season and Christmas spirit.



Amendment of Parking Rates for Compound Offences

Council has amended the compound rates for parking offences. Therefore, the compound rate for motorcycle’s parking offence shall be at RM50.00 only.

Thank you