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Kemaskini Pada: 19 Jan 2020
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Amanat Bulanan Pengerusi 31.1.2018Amanat Bulanan Pengerusi 31.1.2018

[Mesyuarat Penuh Majlis]

YB Datuk Chairman highlighted the following issues :


Over-Parking Compounds

There is still a total of RM5,027,990.00 unpaid compounds up until 31st December 2017. Notices have been served to the offenders to inform them of their offences. Public can also check whether they have committed any traffic related offences with compounds issued by Council online via SMC’s website, or through Paybills Malaysia, Hence, public are advised to settle these outstanding fee.



Parking Coupons & Season Pass

For the public’s convenience also, parking coupons that have expired can still be used for up to 2 years after expiry provided that the year option remains unscratched. Parking season pass can be purchased from SMC UTC counter and Wong Nai Siong Multi Storey car park counter office at level 1. Season pass at the central business district (CBD) area is the most sought after and is sold at RM80.00 per month while all 240 season passes at Multi Storey car park have been sold out. Currently both multi storey car parks are utilizing autopay machines. These are the types of parking season passes that can be purchased by the public :



Price (RM)


CBD area



Dewan Suarah






Jalan Chengal



Jalan Mahsuri



Jalan Merdeka



Jalan Pahlawan



Kampung Datu



Pusat Pedada



Pusat Tanahwang



Rejang Park



Sg. Merah



Sibu Town Square (government departments)



Sibu Town Square



Suria Permata





Following new cases of dogs infected by the virus reported in Julai recently, our state government would expand the anti-rabies buffer zones to Sibu. To keep Sibu Division rabies-free, SMC has taken various measures to control rabies-infected dogs from spreading the virus  as follows :

  1. Council is actively catching any stray dogs found within Council’s jurisdiction.
  2. Free Mass vaccination is carried out by Veterinary in SMC, SRDC and Kanowit district area with effect from 20 January 2018 until 1 March 2018.
  3. Dog owners have been reminded repeatedly to keep their dogs within their house compound at all times to prevent spread of rabies carried by dogs.
  4. Videos in both English and Mandarin version about rabies has been uploaded on SMC website to educate the public.
  5. Dog owners are advised to obtain licence to keep their dogs at a yearly fee of RM 6 for Female and RM 4 for Male.
  6. Any dog whether licensed or not which is found to be roaming in the public places will be impounded.
  7. The dog owner can only claim back the dog after payment of Compound Fee RM25.00 + Service Fee RM100.00, Impound Fee RM5.00.

    Those dogs which are not claimed within 48 hours will be put to sleep by the Veterinary Department.

  8. To report stray dogs in public areas, please contact SMC Hotline 084-310808.



Rabies Ongoing Vaccination Campaign

I wish to encourage and remind the public to bring their pet dogs for free vaccination as per schedule stated ( the schedule is also available on SMC’s website, :




DATE (2018)



Sibu District - Durin areas

Dewan Serbaguna Sibujaya


9 am – 4 pm

Dewan Serbaguna Sibujaya

21.01 (Sun)

9 am – 2 pm


Sibu District - Durin areas

Basketball Court, Durin

23.01 (Tues)

9 am – 4 pm


Sibu District - Ulu Durin Kiba Areas

In front of SK Ulu Durin Kiba

24.01 (Wed)

9 am – 4 pm


Kanowit District -  Pekan Kanowit

Majlis Daerah Kanowit

25.01 (Thurs)

9 am – 4 pm



Majlis Daerah Kanowit

26.01 (Fri)

9 am – 4 pm


Sibu District - Upper Lanang

Hui Ning Garden

27.01 (Sat)

9 am – 4 pm



Hui Ning Garden

28.01 (Sun)

9 am – 2 pm


Sibu District - Sg Assan Areas

Near of SK Ng. Assan

30.01 (Tues)

9 am – 4 pm


Sibu District - Pradom & Tg Kunyit areas

Near of SJK Chung Cheng

31.01 (Wed)

9 am – 2 pm


Sibu District - Salim areas

Farley Supermarket (Parking Bay), Jalan Salim

01.02 (Thurs)

9 am – 4 pm


Sibu District - Salim areas

SM Citizen (Junction of Ex. Nibong Ferry Point)

02.02 (Fri)

9 am – 4 pm


Sibu District - Tiong Hua areas

Tiong Hua Road Market (Parking Bay)

04.02 (Sat)

9 am – 4 pm


Sibu District - Sibu Town areas

SMC Public Library, Jalan Keranji

05.02 (Sun)

9 am – 2 pm


Sibu District - Wong King Huo areas

Bowling Centre, Jalan Perpati

06.02 (Tues)

9 am – 4 pm


Sibu District - Sibu areas

Dewan Suarah Sibu

07.02 (Wed)

9 am – 4 pm


Sibu District - Taman Seduan  areas

Hing Hua Memorial Park, Taman Seduan

08.02 (Thurs)

9 am – 4 pm


Sibu District - Sg. Merah areas

Sg. Merah Heritage Walk

(Security point)

09.02 (Fri)

9 am – 4 pm


Sibu District - Jalan Oya & Kemuyang areas

Kedai Taman Kenari

10.02 (Sat)

9 am – 4 pm


Sibu District - Sekuau areas

RH, Andrewson, Sekuau

12.02 (Sun)

9 am – 2 pm


Sibu District - Stapang & Tamin areas

Tamu Stapang

13.02 (Tues)

9 am – 4 pm


Sibu District - Selangau areas

Dewan Serbaguna Selangau

14.02 (Wed)

9 am – 4 pm


Sibu District - Tepus & Arip areas

SK Bukit Aup

15.02 (Thurs)

9 am – 4 pm


Sibu District - Ulu Sg. Merah

Giant Supermarket (Parking Bay)

20.02 (Tues)

9 am – 4 pm


Sibu District - Sg. Aup areas 


21.02 (Wed)

9 am – 4 pm


Sibu District - Teku areas

Klinik 1 Malaysia, Jalan Rantau Panjang Teku

22.02 (Thurs)

9 am – 4 pm


Sibu District - Rantau Panjang  areas

Perpustakaan Desa Rantau Panjang

23.02 (Fri)

9 am – 4 pm


Sibu District - Sg. Bidut areas&Engkila areas

Junction of klinik 1 Malaysia

Kedai Ling Kiat Suna

24.02 (Sat)

9 am – 4 pm


Sibu District –Empawah areas

Kedai Tu Chong Gin

26.02 (Mon)

9 am – 4 pm


Sibu District - Bawang Assan areas

Perpustakaan Desa Bawang Assan

27.02 (Tues)

9 am – 4 pm


Sibu District – Permai areas

Permai Lake Garden

28.02 (Wed)

9 am – 4 pm



Vehicles Parked On Public Places

It was observed that many condemned and those awaiting for repair vehicles are parked on public places or even pedestrian walk for a long time. Some condemned vehicles are even there for years. This has really caused nuisance and traffic obstruction to public.

Therefore all owners are advised to remove those vehicles immediately. SMC will tow away those vehicles as scrap metal.



Erection Or Exhibition Of Advertisements Without Permit

Display of advertisements without permit is an offense but there has been an increasing cases of such offences found lately. Under The Local Authorities (Advertisements) By-Law 2012, which came into force on 1st October 2012 stated that no person shall erect or exhibit or cause to be erected or exhibited within the areas under jurisdiction of local authority any advertisement, without a licence issued by the local authority. Therefore, members of the general public or business operators must obtain valid advertisement licence from the Council before putting up any advertisements. Whether the advertisements are in the form of fishtail, banners or advertisement signboard displayed at their premises and/ or within the compound of their premises or public places, application for the advertisement permit must be done using FORM A which is obtainable from our office (Administration section) at level 23 Wisma Sanyan and also available at SMC’s website,  The form together with advertisement’s dimensions, duration and location of display must be submitted to the Council (also to Administration section at level 23 Wisma Sanyan) for Council’s consideration. Failure to apply for advertisement licence is tantamount to contradicting the By-Law 5 of the Local Authorities (Advertisement) By-Law 2012 which stated that:

“Where the local authority approves the retention of any advertisement which has been erected or exhibited without a licence, a fee equal to five time the prescribed licence fee for such advertisement shall be payable in respect of licence whenever issued”.



Damage To Council’s Properties

I would like to appeal to the public to not cause any damage to the Council’s public properties such as trees, parks, traffic lights and so on. Lately it has been observed that some of Council’s public properties have been damaged to make way for constructions or purposely vandalised by irresponsible individuals. Council’s public properties belong to the people are there for the use and convenience of everyone in Sibu. Therefore we must instil a sense of belonging towards our public properties so that everyone can make full use of them to ensure sustainable living.



Grass Cutting, Drain Clearance & Drain Sediment Removal Contract Works For Year 2018

Council has taken the initiative to publish the list of contractors for the works of grass cutting, drain clearance and drain sediment removal for the year 2018 in SMC’s website, for the public’s information.


Zone Boundaries


Name of Supervisor

Contact Number


Jln. Wong King Huo, Bukit Lima Timur, Jerrwitt Barat, Belatok, Tun Ahmad Zaidi Adruce, Salim & all feeder roads, Bukit Penyau& until Salim SMC boundary.

Syarikat Sri Liyan

Mohd. Firdaus Djulkiflye



Kampung Sentosa

Syarikat Berjaya Bersatu

Robin Ting



Jln. Oya, Pedada, Pahlawan, Diong Kik, Deshon, Tunku Abdul Rahman, Oya Lama, RTM & include Kandis, PayungSeladah, Sena&Camar.

Kiu Chiong Liong Contractor

Kiew Chiong Liong



Jln. Lanang (from Aman), Upper Lanang, Lanang Barat, Pulau Li Hua, Then Kung Suk, Tun Ahmad Zaidi Adruce, Salim & Wong King Huo until Aman.

Syarikat Pembina Hin Hap

Marcus Anak Masir


Ting Ping Cherng




Brooke Drive, Kpg. Nyabor, Lanang. Aman, Wong King Huo, Oya& include drain outlet along Lanang river side.

Kiu Chiong Liong Contractor

Kiew Chiong Liong



Jln. Merdeka, Pedada, Deshon, Brooke Drive & include Merdeka, Rejang Park, Au Yong & Gambir.

Syarikat Wan Johney

Kiew Kwong Ming



Jln. Keranji, Brooke Drive, Pahlawan, TunAbg. Hj. Openg, Bandong, KDB, Delta, Circular & Rambai.

Syarikat Ilham

Hii Hiong Sing



Jln. Awang Ramli Amit, Kpg. Baru, Kpg. Dato, Kpg. Hilir, Kpg. Nangka, KDB &Bandong.

Squauian Enterprise

Robin Ting

Kong Nguok Sing




Jln. Bandong, Tuah, Sg. Antu, TunAbg. Hj. Openg, Sg. Merah, Ding Lik Kong, Aup, Engkalat, Quarry, Teku include Wawasan& Indah.

Kiew Chiong Tiing Construction Sdn. Bhd.

Kiew Kwong King



Brooke Drive from UCTS, Ulu Sg. Merah, Nan Sang, Apollo, Ling Kai Cheng, Deshon, DeshonTimur until DeshonTimur 17

Atica Construction

Marconi Anak Jalang

Ting Hua Ung




Jln. Teku from Quarry, junction until SMC boundary, Tebu,allTeku feeder roads, Right of Way roads with two houses or more, Teku bazaar, Rantau Panjang until SMC Boundary, Rantau Panjang Jaya &Kampung Bahagia Jaya.

Kiew Chiong Tiing Construction Sdn. Bhd.

Kiew Chiong Tiing

Duat Anak Gundi




From Old Oya round about, Tunku Abdul Rahman & lanes, Ulu Oya, Permai Commercial & Residential, Satria Commercial & Residential, all feeder roads of Ulu Oya & Kpg. Jerriah.

Syarikat Pembina Hin Hap

Ting Ping Cherng




Spring Cleaning 2018 Schedule

It is that time of the year has come again, annual spring cleaning 2018. Public may take out their bulk waste for collection as per schedule stated (this schedule is also available on SMC’s website, :


Area 1

Area 2

Area 3

Jan 28


Hose Lane, Jln. Tun Abg. Hj. Openg Lrg. 2, 4 & 6, Jln. Intan, Terap Lane, Bruang Rd, Jln. Bintang, Sie Poi Kieng Rd, Brooke Drive 5, 7, 9, 15 & 21, Jln. Bintang, Embang Road.

Drive 2, 4, & 6, Jln. Manggis, Pigeon Rd, Lajong Lane, Layang-Layang Rd, Jln. Nanyang Garden & Lanes, Oya Road Lane 2 and 4, Ai Ding Garden & Lanes, Drive 8 & 10, Jalan Olive & Lanes, Lrg. Oya 1

Tong Sang Road and Lanes, Engkala & Bertuah, Jalan Pedada, Bukit Assek and Lanes, Jalan Kapor and Lanes, Wong King Huo Lane 5

Jan 29


Jln. Fong Ming, Jln. Lim Wen Shen and Lanes, Jln. Chempaka, Jln. Rambai & Lanes, Jln. Rose and Lanes, Jalan Bunga Raya, Jln. Lily

Jalan Hua Kiew and Lanes, Punai Road, Oya Lane 8 & 10, Jalan Oya, Belian Lane, Jalan Merlin and Lanes

Amoy Road, Jalan Chong Sang, Selangan Lane, Jalan Tekam and Lanes, Jalan Bunga Mawar and Lanes, Wong King Huo Road Lanes 13, 19 & 21, Kwong Tung Walk, Nyatoh Road, Jln. Kiong Tung & Lanes

Jan 30


Jalan Tun Abg. Hj. Openg Main Road, Delta Road and Lanes, Jalan Perpaduan

Langsat Lane, Tiong Hua Road & Lane, Rambutan Lane, Lai Chee Lane, Mui Hong Road, Foochow Lane, Hardin Walk, Jalan Emplam, Huo Ping Road, Jalan Mahsuri

Jalan Dungun, Jalan Petir, Ek Dee Road & Lanes, Jalan Semayor, Ubah Lane, Bukit Lima Road & Lanes, Jalan Bkt. Lima Flats, Jalan Makmur & Lanes

Jan 31


Jln. Ria and Lanes, Jalan Bunga Normah and Lanes, Jalan Kuda, Jalan Abang Barieng & Lanes, Jalan Abang Barieng Timur and Lanes, Jalan Kaka

Jln. Oya Lorong, 5, 7, 9, 11 & 13, Jalan Berjaya, Pearl Garden

Jalan Poh Yew and Lanes, Jalan Maludan and Lanes, Jalan Selasih and Lanes, Jalan Kenari, Jalan Selatan & Lanes

Feb 1


Jalan Awg. Ramli Amit and Lanes, Jalan Archer and Lanes, Jalan Mandan and Government Quarters, Jalan Kampong Dato, Jalan Kpg. Hilir, Jalan Masjid, Kpg. Baharu, Kpg. Pa'Dris, Lorong Lang, Jalan Nanas, Lrg. Isau, Jalan Sg. Bakong and Jalan Lumok

Merdeka Road and Lanes, Jalan Muhibbah and Lanes

Jalan Saga, Jalan Alan, Jalan Ulu Lanang Lrg. 9, 15, 32, Pulau Li Hua and Lanes, Jalan Lanang Barat & Lanes.

Feb 2


Nibong Road, Cheku Road, Kelapa Road, Jln. Kangkong, Jalan Shariff Mansor, Jalan Tun Abg. Hj. Openg & Lane 17

Rejang Park and Lanes, Drive 16 and 18

Jln. Mantis & Lanes, Jln. Mantis Timur and Lanes, Jln. Mantis Selatan & Lanes, Jln. Temedak & Lanes, Lrg. Lada 1, 3, 5 & 7,9. Jln. Jambu & Lanes(Taman Grand Height), Jln. Umpi Rantai and lanes.

Feb 3


Jalan Tuah and Lanes, Jalan Bunga Teratai and Lanes, Jalan Ensing, Jalan Kpg. Nangka, Jalan Kpg. Nangka Lane 4, Rottan lane, Jalan Bandong and Lanes, Jalan Kpg. Dato Baru and Lanes.

Jln. Au Yong and Au Yong Selatan & Lanes, Jln. Lim Han Swee & Lanes, Jalan Chong Jin Bock, Jalan Ruby, Jalan Cherry & Lanes, Jalan Pipit and Lanes, Taman Seduan & Lanes, Brooke Drive 20

Jalan Lada and Lanes

Feb 4 (Sun)

Jln. Bintang Utara, Jln. Tun Abg. Hj. Openg Lrg. 8, 10 & 12, Brooke Drive 23, 25, 27, 29, 31 & 33, Meritam Road, Jln. Apong, Jln. Kai Nguong, Jln. Suarah, Jln. Merak & Lanes, Jalan Melor & Lanes

Jalan Gambir and Lanes, Jalan Bedat, Jalan Sawi and Lanes, Jalan Bunga Dahlia and Lanes, Drive 22

Jalan Sukun and Lanes, Jalan Teng Kung Suk & Lanes

Feb 5


Jln. Au Yong Lrg. 1 & 3, Jln. Sanky & Lanes, Jln. Tun Abg. Hj. Openg Lrg. 18, 20 & 23, Jln. Kwong Ann & Lanes, Jln. Jengkai & Old Sg. Antu Road, Sungai Antu

Oya Road & Lrg. 17, 19, 21, 25, 27, 31 & 35, Jalan Pelangi, Jalan Oya Utara and Lanes, Jalan Diong Kik and Lanes

Oya Road & Lanes 18, 22,30,32,34 Old Oya Road & Lanes, Jalan RTM and Lanes, Jalan Unggas and Lanes

Feb 6


Airport Road & Lanes, Jalan Bintawak and Tiong Hin Primary School Road, Jalan Setia and Lanes, Jalan Serai & Lanes, Jalan Wawasan & Lanes

Jalan Kandis and Lanes, Jalan Payung and Lanes, Jalan Seladah & Lanes, Jalan Sena and Lanes, Jalan Camar and Lanes

Wong King Huo Road Lane 12, 14, 16, 18 and 24, Jalan Perpati & Lanes

Feb 7


Jalan Indah and Lanes, Jalan Quarry & Lanes, Jalan Miden & Lanes.

Jln. Ling Kai Cheng and Lanes, Jln. Gelama and Lanes, Jalan Belibas and Lanes, Jalan Angsana Utara and Lanes, Jalan Deshon & Lanes, Jalan Deshon Timur and Lanes

Jalan Jerawit, Jalan Jerawit Timur, Jalan Jerawit Barat and Lanes, and lanes, Jalan Ming Huo and Lanes, Jalan Bukit Lima Timur and Lanes


Feb 8


Jalan Teku and Lanes, Jalan Tebu and Lanes, Jalan Trusan and Lanes


Jalan Apollo & Lanes, Jalan Apollo Timur & Barat & Lanes, Jalan Kulas and Lanes

Jalan Belatok and Lanes, Jalan Belatok Utara and lanes.


Feb 9


Jalan Rantau Panjang & Lanes, Jalan Rantau Panjang Jaya and lanes.

Jln. Matu & Lanes, Jln. Nuri, Lrg. Nurie E, Jln. Nuri, Jln. Nuri Utara & Lanes, Jln. Arau & Lanes, Jalan Seduan and Lanes, Jalan Nang Sang & Lanes, Jalan Bayan & Lanes

Jalan Salim and Lanes 17, 19, 21,41. Jalan Helang and Lanes, Jalan Siol and Lanes, Jln. Bukit Penyau & Lanes Jln. Tenggiri & Lanes, Jalan Senangin & Lanes

Feb 10


Jalan Igan & Lanes, Jalan Teku Lama, Taman Wawasan Jalan Getah and Lanes, Jalan Teku Barat and Lanes, Jalan Ding Lik Kwong and Lanes, Jalan Rumbia

Jalan Permai and Lanes, Jalan Permai Jaya and Lanes,

Jln. Kiew Nang and Lanes, Lrg. Lada 13, Jln. Tun Zaidi & Lanes, Jalan Salim & Lanes 18, 28


Feb 11



Jalan Ulu Sg. Merah and Lanes, Jln. Kuang & lanes, Jln. Lilin and Lanes

Jalan Undan and Lanes, Jalan Cendana and Lanes, Jalan Tuanku Abdul Rahman and Lanes, Jalan Satria & Lanes

Jalan Sentosa & Lanes & Kpg. Sentosa Phase 1, 2 & 3

Feb 12


Phase 1 & II, Kampong Bahagia Jaya

Jalan Ulu Oya and Lanes, Jalan Jeriah and Lanes

Jalan Sentosa & Lanes & Kpg. Sentosa Phase 1, 2 & 3

Public are advised to deposit any old newspapers, alluminium/metal/cans and plastic materials at recycling collection centres at Sibu Kidney Foundation, Rejang Park, Taman Seduan Lorong 8, Taman Grand Height, Taman Li Hua, Taman Indah Shophouse. Jln. Bandong Shophouses & Lrg. Pahlawan 7 (near Bus Terminal) for RECYCLING PURPOSE.

For enquiries please contact SMC officers:

* Encik Nordin bin Jebee - 333411 ext. 223

* Encik Ideris bin Berhaman – 333411 ext. 243



Happy Chinese New Year 2018

Lastly, I would like to wish all Chinese friends a Happy Chinese New Year 2018. Gong Xi Fa Cai!

Last but not least, as Chinese New Year is around the corner, I would like to wish all the Best of everything.

To our Chinese friends, A Very Happy, Prosperous and Blessed New Year.

To our friends who are not celebrating, I wish you enjoy the coming Chinese New Year Holidays !