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Kemaskini Pada: 19 Jan 2020
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Amanat Bulanan Pengerusi 26.6.2019Amanat Bulanan Pengerusi 26.6.2019

[Mesyuarat Penuh Majlis]

Council’s Chairman, YB Datuk Tiong Thai King highlighted the following issues :


Borneo Cultural Festival 2019

I am pleased to inform you that the signature event of Sibu,  “Borneo Cultural Festival 2019” is in its 16th year this year and is ready to be celebrated from 18th (Thursday) to 27th (Saturday) of July 2019. The theme for this year’s celebration is “Beauty in Ethnic Diversities”.  

I wish to express my appreciation to YBhg. Cr Hjh Rogayah bt Jamain, Deputy Chairwoman of SMC, who is also the Organizing Chairwoman of BCF this year, and all the Committee members for their hard work in preparing for this event. Numerous activities have been planned ahead to show-case another success of BCF this year. Top Event Services Sdn Bhd has been re-appointed to organize BCF Tradex at Dataran Tun Tuanku Bujang Fasa II.

I am proud to announce that BCF is one of the major tourism events in Sarawak. This event has been recognized and supported by the Ministry of Tourism, Arts, Culture, Youth and Sport Sarawak since the past few years and it is also a significant community development programme under the Ministry of Local Government and Housing, Sarawak for Sibu Municipal Council.

Under the choreography of Mr Chen Ing Kuan, exciting performances have been selected and lined up for the last three nights of BCF. That is on 25th – 27th July 2019.  This year,  we have confirmed participation of foreign groups at BCF. Their presence will enhance reputation of Sibu at International level, in addition to establish good cultural exchanges with our local performers.

Sibu communities are urged to be BCF ambassador in extending our warmest welcome to all visitors of BCF from 18 to 27 July 2019.


Abandoned Vehicles 

Council has received complaints from the public related to nuisance caused by abandoned vehicles. Most of the complaints are about depositing of abandoned vehicles at our parking lots, public places, open spaces and even at road reserves.  Such irresponsible actions have caused nuisance and obstructed traffic. It has also posed hazard and is an eye-sore to public.

Our course of action would be to identify the owner and give the owner a 7-day notice to remove the said abandoned vehicles.  Council can also compound the owner under the Local Authorities (Cleanliness) By-laws 1999. If the owner could not be identified, Council will paste the notice onto the abandoned vehicle requiring the owner to abate the nuisance.

I regret to stress that Council will have to remove the abandoned vehicle at cost if the vehicle remain there after the expiry of the notice and owner who is causing the nuisance cannot be found. Any such abandoned vehicles removed shall be disposed of if nobody comes forward to claim them at cost within 90 days. Council will recover the expenses thereof from the owner, upon identifying the legal owner through the proper legal process.

Heavy Truck Parking & Plying at Residential Areas

I wish to seek the cooperation of owners who were found  parking their heavy trucks (beyond 5-tons) illegally at the following residential areas to abide by the rules & regulations on proper parking of commercial vehicles:
  1. Jalan Tuah
  2. Farley Areas
  3. Kpg Sentosa Resettlement Areas
  4. Lorong Indah, Teku
Based on the Standard Operation Procedure (SOP), whenever the heavy truck owner applied for new lorry parking permit, they are told to park their vehicles properly. SMC has designated a proper open space at Tapang, Sg Antu and Igan Bridge with a very minimal charge. Owners of heavy trucks could also apply to park at industrial areas or any agricultural land. Currently, the heavy truck drivers were found parking illegally at road verge and open space at residential areas.

Joint operations with Police Department, Jabatan Pengangkutan Jalan (JPJ), Lembaga Perlesenan Kenderaan Perdagangan (LPKP) and Sibu Municipal Council (SMC) are mounted regularly to deter illegal parking of heavy truck at open space and road reserve at residential area.  The compound fee served on any errant heavy truck owners shall be RM300.00 per compound per occasion.

Sibu Municipal Council has written to LPKP to request on the policy of not renewing licence of those heavy trucks for the next 5 years, if such vehicles are found parking illegally at residential areas. Once again, I wish to seek the cooperation of heavy truck owner to cooperate with SMC and other related government departments/agencies in addressing this issue.

4   Stern Actions on Violation of Rules & Regulations

Sibu Municipal Council would like to stress on our tough stand against those who fail to abide by the rules & regulations. Since the beginning of the year, SMC has made such decisions to deter further violation of rules & regulations by irresponsible parties.  Stern compounding actions were taken and will continue to be taken against illegal parking; unauthorized occupation of 5-footway for preparation of food, cooking activities, and sale of RM2.00 chicken wings; abuse usage of parking bays; unauthorized structures; fencing that encroaches onto State Land; and etc.

SMC has already announced its decision to take action against illegal display of goods along backlane and sidelane. This is because such action can cause obstruction to smooth traffic flow.  Council will only allow display of goods on 5-footway that fall within 2 feet from the frontage of shops. Display of goods at backlane and sidelane in totally banned. Illegal food preparation activity and selling of chicken wings at 5-footway is strictly prohibited.

5   Unauthorized Advertisement

I wish to draw the attention of public that there are many licensed money-lenders in Sibu, who have put up big advertisement signboards, wall banners or banners on the façade of their premises without applying for the necessary licence as required under the Money Lender Act and Local Authorities (Advertisements) By-Laws. In addition, many have also not applied for Business Name Signs for their premises.  

Council has also received numerous complaints from the public on the nuisance and litter caused by distribution of leaflets by those money-lending companies. Therefore, Council shall work closely with Pejabat Residen Sibu as the authorised agency on issuance of licensing of operation of money lenders under Money Lenders Act 1951. Council has decided to strictly enforce the requirement of Advertisement By-laws and Cleanliness By-laws to ensure tidiness and cleanliness of the town.

6   Ban Plastic Straw

I wish to share that the Federal Government in Kuala Lumpur Territory, Putra Jaya and Labuan have banned the usage of plastic straw with effect from 1.1.2019. In fact, plastic straw has become a hazard and other alternative should be considered so as to make a difference and in saving our world. One may consider an alternative use of stainless steel / glass/ bamboo or paper straw as environmental friendly. Getting rid of plastic straw is a step towards ending plastic waste.

SMC is granting a grace period until 31.12.2019 to all drink stall operators, eatery outlets and restaurants to clear the existing stock, prior to its implementation by 1.1.2020.  “Say No To Plastic Straw” campaign shall be included as one of the licensing conditions effective 1.1.2020.  SMC would take compounding action against any food or drink stall operators being found on the incompliance.

Vote of Thanks

I wish to announce that the present term of Councillorship will be expired by 30th June 2019 (Sunday). Officially, we will conclude our term of service as Councillor for this term. Council is still pending for the list of new of Councillors from Sarawak Government.

To those Councillors who retired from their service as Councillors, I would like to record my sincere appreciation for their noble contributions in executing their role as members of the Council.

Although they were representing from different parties and NGOs, but from my observation, the Councillors had served diligently and worked as a team.  Over the years, they have managed in developing SMC as the “People Oriented Local Authority” by providing a number of platforms to engage the local communities in Council’s programmes.

I am happy to reckon the proactive approach taken by the Councillors in giving feedbacks and offering constructive suggestion in solving issues faced by the Rakyat such as through our media application, like whatsapp group.  Obviously this medium of communication has enhanced our efforts in providing the best services in solving problems in our administrative areas.

Those Councillors who are going to be re-appointed in the new term, I wish all will continue to serve with precious efforts and in making Sibu a Safe, Vibrant and Beautiful place to live in.

I would like to take this opportunity and on record to express my heartfelt thanks and appreciation to all Councillors, SMC staff, other government departments/agencies, private sector, NGOs, members of medias and in general, Sibu Community for rendering their support, contribution and co-operation to SMC during our term of office. Thank you all of you!!!