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Kemaskini Pada: 19 Jan 2020
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Amanat Bulanan Pengerusi 28.12.2018Amanat Bulanan Pengerusi 28.12.2018

[Mesyuarat Penuh Majlis]

YB Datuk Chairman highlighted the following issues :



Year 2018

Time really flies and here we are in the final Full Council Meeting of year 2018. As we approach the end of the year 2018, it is timely for us to look back and take account of our efforts during the year.

2018 has been another fruitful year for SMC. Despite the lack of development grant, Council still continues to serve the people by providing basic maintenance of infrastructure, facilities, landscaping and municipal services.  I am proud to say that the Councillors and staff have been working diligently over the past years to ensure a clean, beautiful, safe and sustainable Sibu Town. I wish to express my utmost gratitude and thanks to all for your full support and co-operation over the past years.


Extension of Term of Councillors

Ministry of Local Government & Housing had issued a letter to disseminate the decision of Majlis Mesyuarat Kerajaan Negeri (MMKN) on the extension of councillorship for another 6 months from 1.1.2019. Therefore, the term of Councillors will expire on 30.6.2019. I wish to congratulate all the Councillors for the trust given by our State Government. I hope all will work harder to ensure a better Sibu.



Christmas Tree Decoration Competition 2018

I am glad to share the joy of Christmas with the NGOs of Sibu for participating in the Christmas Tree Decoration Competition this year.

The participants had started the decoration of the Christmas trees on 1.12.2018 and completing their decoration on 9.12.2018. Launching of Lighting Ceremony to the Main Christmas Tree and Judging Session of Christmas Tree Decoration Competition was held at Dataran Tun Tuanku  Bujang Fasa 1 on 10.12.2018. Panel of Judges had started the marking of day and night view on 16 & 24 December 2018. 

Results of Christmas Tree Decoration Competition would be announced during Countdown Celebration to be held at the Main Stage of Dataran Tun Tuanku Bujang Fasa I on 31.12.2018. I appreciated the members of public to co-operate and to prevent any vandalism to those Christmas trees for the duration.

I wish to express my heartiest appreciation to the Organizing Chairwoman, Cr Connie Loh Ming Hua for organizing Christmas Tree Decoration Competition again this year.



Countdown 2019

Sibu Municipal Council is going to organize the Countdown 2019 at Dataran Tun Tuanku Bujang Fasa 1 on 31st December. Therefore, on the 31st of December, SMC will open the Multi-Storey Car Park at Jalan Wong Nai Siong from 5.30pm until 2 am, extending the opening hours by 1 hour from the usual 5.30pm until 1 am, for the convenience of the public. The rate will be unchanged which is at RM1.00 per entry. I wish to urge our fellow Sibuans to come and join us for this occasion.

Artistic Director, Mr Chen Ing Kuan has been appointed to work out the attractive programme at the main stage, comprising of Live Band Demo, Singing, Dancing, Orchestra, Sape, Chinese Martial Art, Solo Singing and 3 Duet Groups of Chinese, Malays & Iban.  Fireworks display lasting for 10 minutes will mark the closing of 2018 and Welcoming New Year 2019 at 12.00 midnight. YB Dato Sri Wong Soon Koh will be our Guest of Honour.  I appreciated Cr Donna Petrus Ngelai, SCD Committee Chairwoman to spearhead the Countdown 2019 event.



3rd Sibu Tower Run 2019

I am glad to announce that the 3rd Sibu Tower Run 2019 would be held at Wisma Sanyan on 10.3.2019. Wisma Sanyan is one of the tallest buildings in Sarawak, comprising of 627 steps/28 levels/110 meters again to be selected for the 3rd Sibu Tower Run in 2019.

Mr Soh Wai Ching from Penang, who is the World Top 10 winner Tower Run has been appointed as the Ambassador for the event next year. He would assist to promote Sibu worldwide, in particular tourism related products, festivals and events.

Sibu Tower Run 2019, Event Categories & Registration Rates are as follows :




Rates (RM)

*Early Birds


Late Entry


Men (open)





Men (veteran)





Women (open)





Women (veteran)





Grouping of  10 + 1 Free : (Participants must register 11 persons) at RM800.00

*Date of closing for 1st 100 Early Bird will be December 2018 to January 2019. Registration and payment can be done online. You are most welcome to contact the Event Organizer: Underground Runner Sibu at their Contact Nos.


- 017 753 4699


- 019 467 5988


Closing of Payment Counter at UTC

I would like to announce that Council payment counters at UTC and level 19 at Wisma Sanyan will be closed at 12.00 noon on 31.12.2018 (Monday) in order to facilitate the closing of Council’s account activities for the year 2018. However, Council service counters not involving any generation of payment will still be operational to serve the public.



Renewal of Licences

All licences are due to expire by the end of year on 31.12.2018. I wish to take this opportunity to remind kindly those licensees such as hawkers, food shop, entertainment outlets, hotels, barber saloons, display on 5-footways and public places to renew their licences immediately. Just like other licensing authorities, Council will not serve reminders and reminders to appeal to licensees to renew their licences. The onus is on the licensees to renew their respective licences before the expiry date.

Council will not hesitate to issue show cause letters to those who breach the licence conditions. They are required to explain as to why their licences shall not be cancelled for failure to renew their licences within 42 days at the beginning of the year. Cancellation of licences will proceed if the causes shown are not acceptable by the Council.


Strict Enforcement of Licence Conditions

Council has decided to strictly enforce the licence conditions of all licences issued by Council. Those include all entertainment outlets, hawkers, food shops, barber saloons, reflexology etc.

With effect from 1.1.2019, those licensees who failed to comply with any licence conditions shall be served with compound notices. To any licensees who have been served with 3 or more compound notices in one calendar year, their licence shall be cancelled for infringing the licence conditions. If the causes shown are not acceptable by Council, then the relevant licences will be cancelled as well.



Stock of  Daily “Scratch Type”  Parking Coupons With Year Ending 2018

Members of public and car owners who still have the parking coupons with 2018 as the ending year are reminded NOT to scratch the year “2018” in order to continue using and finish off the existing 2018 stock by 31.12.2019. It is suffice to scratch the month, the day and time only. Those who scratch the year 2018 will be issued with compound notices.



Money Lenders’  Pamphlets/Advertisement

Displaying of money lenders pamphlets & advertisement found at residential areas was rampant. It was observed that the advertisement with contact numbers was pasted on the tree trunk along the protocol roads leading to residential area, thus resulting in unsightly view of Sibu town. Money Lenders’ advertisement was also spotted on the windscreen of vehicles, in particular at Central Business District (CBD) areas.

I wish to remind the Money Lenders outlets to co-operate with Council to ensure a clean and beautify Sibu Town.



Display of Tables & Chairs on 5-footpath  and Public Walkways

We were shocked by the recent tragedy in our country that a woman was killed after she was hit by a car that rammed towards her in a restaurant in Taman Equine, Sri Kembangan. She was having her meals at the public walkways area where the chairs and tables were placed to. In light of this accident, the federal government has issued a reminding letter to increase the observation and enforcement towards operators who display tables & chairs on 5-footpath and public walkways without permit or not adhering to the rules of the permit. This has to be done because we care about the safety of the public. Therefore, I wish to publicize that 5-footways, sidelanes, backlanes, pedestrian malls and public malls were considered as public places. According to the Sarawak Building Ordinance, 1994 no one is allowed to use them for displaying of tables and chairs. However, SMC had worked out some guidelines based on the respective merits basis :

  • Strictly no display of tables & chairs at any parking bays or public road, as well as the following 5-footpath along :
    1. Channel Road
    2. Island Road
    3. Jalan Morshidi Sidek/Jalan Sanyan
  • To charge RM6.00 per square meter per month and to be paid on yearly basis.
  • To submit a copy of layout sketch on the display of tables and chairs to the Council’s Public Health & Services Section for processing but subject to compliance of standard terms & conditions.
  • To beautify the display area and to maintain the cleanliness of site at all times.

I hereby seek the full co-operation of the operators of eatery outlets “No Display of Tables & Chairs” in the parking bays and public roads. Cooking along 5-footpath or pedestrian malls shall be strictly prohibited. Council is going to take enforcement actions for violation of this rule with effect from 1.1.2019. All operators are reminded to adhere to the Rules & Regulations promptly.



Vote of Thanks

Last but not least, I wish once again to take this opportunity to thank all Councillors, staff, Government Departments/Agencies, NGOs, members of Medias and fellow Sibuans for rendering your support and co-operation during this year. I wish you a “Happy and Prosperous Year 2019” ahead.