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Kemaskini Pada: 19 Jan 2020
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Amanat Bulanan Pengerusi 27.6.2018Amanat Bulanan Pengerusi 27.6.2018

[Mesyuarat Penuh Majlis]

YB Datuk Chairman highlighted the following issues :


Pejabat Pesuruhjaya Sukan (PJS)

A circular received from Kementerian Kesejahteraan Bandar, Perumahan dan Kerajaan Tempatan serves to inform the general public who are interested to organise running programmes and cycling activities are reminded to obtain approval from Pejabat Pesuruhjaya Sukan (PJS). PJS is authorized to screen through any event organisers specifically in financial status, capability to fulfill technical criteria and to comply all guidelines of PJS to organise national or international activities. PJS is concerned about the safety of participants particularly activities that taking place along the road such as charity run, fun run and marathon.


License Regular Traders for Sunday Market at Jalan Mahsuri

There are a total of 214 regular traders at the existing Sunday Market. All regular traders at Sunday Market are advised to apply for hawking permit from the Council. All stalls shall be categorized into type of trades and to be placed at respective locality within the Sunday Market. Balloting system will be applied among regular traders for determining trading sites. Trading lots would be demarcated on the ground.



Canopies and Equipment Left After Event

Council observed that there are some event facilities such as canopies and relevant equipment that being left at Sibu Town Square Phase II after the function for more than 2 months.

As such, all event organisers are therefore reminded to clear the event facilities within 7 days with immediate from the last date of the approved event, failure to remove the canopies and equipment within the stipulated period is subjected to a charges fee at RM 300.00 per day, security deposit of RM 3,000.00 will be forfeited.


Unauthorized Extension in Commercial and Residential area

Council would like to repeatedly remind everyone to abide by the provision of Sarawak Building Ordinance 1994. Council approval shall be obtained before any commencement of renovation works of existing premises. There are still many owners are carrying out the renovation works without Council’s approval. In fact, we need to be sensitive on the arising issues particularly safety of the extension and to be more empathy on the risks that may create to our neighbours due to an act of pure selfishness.

Demolition action over unauthorized structure will be arranged against commercial outlets at Jalan Mahsuri and Jalan Sungai Merah who have walled up the five-foot-ways, cemented car parking lots into a platform and even erected big awings over public roads. As such, Council urge those involved to immediately demolish the unauthorized structures on their own or else they have to face demolition action by Council.

Council had investigated that Ting Cha Hua Kindergarten located at Lot 822, Block 10 Seduan Land District, Jalan Diong Kik Sibu was illegally constructed. The safety of the school children will be put at risk due to unauthorized structures of the building. Council had raised the issue to Jabatan Pendidikan Sarawak regarding safety concerns of the students and also waiting for the response from State Planning Authority on this case.



Abandoned Vehicles at Public Places

Council had received numerous complaints from the public regarding the nuisances caused by abandoned vehicles. Most of the received complaints are about the abandoned vehicles at public places including open spaces and road reserves. Such irresponsible actions are absolutely causing nuisances to the public in terms of obstruction and also safety and health hazards.

In order to tackle the abandoned vehicles, Council will identify the owner and notice will be served to remove the said vehicles within 14 days. Council could also compound the owner under Local Authorities (Cleanliness) By-Laws 1999. In case the owner could not be traced, a notice will be attached onto the vehicles to require the owner to remove their vehicles.

Council will remove the abandoned vehicles after the expiry date of the notices and the towing fees shall be borne by the vehicles’ owner. Any such abandoned vehicles removed shall be disposed off when nobody comes forward to make claim.



Reminder on New parking fee collection areas

Council wishes to inform the member of general public that parking fee collection at the following areas to be implemented with effect from July 2018:

  1. Chew Siik Hiong commercial area
  2. Medan Mall commercial area except parking bays in front of Medan Mall and Sub basement Car Park
  3. Everwin Supermarket and RHB Bank commercial area at Sg. Merah


Promote Usage of Biodegradable Plastic Bag

Plenty of dialogue sessions and various awareness campaigns about “Say No To Plastic Bag” had been implemented since early of this year. I urge member of general public to actively participate on the adoption of biodegradable plastic bag campaign and making full use of recycle bags.

Dialogue meeting with the proprietors of Supermarkets and Departmental Stores will be carried out regularly to identify the percentage of success relating to the campaign as from 1.1.2018. Notices on “Say No To Plastic Bag Every Day” should be put up at payment counter of all Departmental Stores and Supermarkets. An action plan shall be worked-out to promote on the usage of biodegradable plastic bag and might as well to introduce new life style practices to the public towards minimize the possibility relying on biodegradable plastic bag.

Council strives work closely with Education Department to educate the young generations on the function of our existing Kemunyang Sanitary Landfill as to reflect the importance to save our mother earth and to adopt more environmental friendly approaches in our daily life. Council is looking forward to collect the used fishtails and banners from various local advertising companies and to reform into recycle bags in collaboration with Single Mothers Association.



Displaying of Business Signages and Menu in Bilingual for Eatery Outlets

Coffee shop operators in Sibu are encouraged to display business signages and food menu either in Chinese/Bahasa Malaysia or Bahasa Malaysia/Bahasa Inggeris inclusive of clear and eye catchy photo with price tag as caption for easy selection of customers.

Such approaches could avoid unpleasant experiences to customers and it would be showing friendly approach to tourists aligned with Sibu Tourism Tagline: Homely Sibu- Heartland of Borneo.


Borneo Cultural Festival 2018

This is the biggest Cultural event organized in Sibu annually. Similar to the past years, the event will be held for 10 days from 19th – 28th July 2018 at Sibu Town Square. Council is pleased to announce that YAB Datuk Patinggi (Dr) Abang Haji Abdul Rahman Zohari Bin Tun Datuk Abang Haji Openg, Chief Minister of Sarawak had confirmed to be guest of honour of Opening Ceremony of Borneo Cultural Festival to be held on 20th July 2018, 8:00p.m. at Borneo Cultural festival Arch, adjacent to Jalan Bujang Suntong.

This year, there are 2 friendship cities namely Putian City from Fujian Province China and Xianning City from Hubei Province China had been confirmed to perform for BCF last three nights main stage performances. Bamboo Woods from Sabah, finalist of Borneo Talent Award 2017 and Kalimantan troupe are also being invited to perform at the main stage.

Over the years, Council received plenty of complaints on traffic issues during BCF in the previous years. As such, both police and Council Enforcement would work closely to tackle arising issues and some reminders to be addressed as follows:

  1. Strictly prohibited to park at road verge, footpath, covered drain, road median, road island;
  2. Do not damage road furniture such as road signages and remove barricades or chain to restricted area;
  3. No double parking is allowed along the road.

As such, public are encouraged to park their vehicles at Wong Nai Siong Multi-Storey Car Park (opposite Police Station Central) and Lembangan Multi-Storey Car Park at Jalan Bengkel whereby the access fees is RM 1.00 per entrance after 5:30p.m. until midnight. On top of that, there are ample parking bays at commercial area within Waterfront Residences, Sibu Town Square Phase II and Rajang Authority Port are available for public and visitors.

All are are welcome to our BCF 2018 throughout the 10 days to enjoy the diversity of ethnic cultures.

Thank you.