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Kemaskini Pada: 19 Jan 2020
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Amanat Bulanan Pengerusi 27.12.2017Amanat Bulanan Pengerusi 27.12.2017

[Mesyuarat Penuh Majlis]

YB Datuk Chairman highlighted the following issues :


Visit Sibu Year 2017

Time flies and here we are in the final Full Council Meeting for the year 2017.  As we approach the end of the year 2017, Council should flash back initiatives early in the year that have been implemented aligned with vision and mission throughout the year.

2017 has been another milestone for Sibu Municipal Council (SMC) particularly the most happening Visit Sibu Year 2017.  Many interesting activities have been organized by respective organizers despite of limited resources.  The colourful events has successfully made Sibu to be known throughout Malaysia and foreign countries.

Council has moved beyond its traditional role of cleanliness and beautification by helping to promote culture, arts, sports and tourism.  Some of the activities were :

  1. Sibu Town Run on 11 March
  2. Borneo International Remote Control Power Boat in April
  3. Age Convention and Sibu Street Art Festival in June
  4. Borneo Cultural Festivals 2017 in July
  5. 5th Sibu International Dance Festival in August
  6. Sibu Marathon in September
  7. Sibu Lantern and Food Festivals in October
  8. 7th Borneo Talent Awards in November
  9. Sibu Christmas Tree Decoration Competition 2017 in December
  10. 7th Borneo International Big Bike Week in December
  11. Closing Ceremony Visit Sibu Year 2017 cum Countdown 2018 on 31 December



Infrastructure and Municipal Services

Since the beginning of the year, Council has spent about RM27 million to repair and upgrade roads and drains in Sibu.  A  total of 114 roads had been improved.  On top of that, we have also received plenty of requests to upgrade and repair other roads and drains in Sibu.  In carrying out our annual roads and drains improvement, we appeal to the kind understanding of the people that priority is given to those areas, which are low-lying and flood-prone.  Besides, Council has also spent about RM2.4 million for road verge and  maintenance of drain; RM1 million was spent for street lighting and traffic light maintenance and about RM8 million was spent for solid and liquid waste management.  Council vows to continue the maintenance work within our means of resources.



Public Health and Environment Protection

Council has always been a strong advocate for a greener environment and we have carried out a series of activities, such as:

  1. Observed Earth Hour together with many NGOs and Government bodies on 26 March.
  2. Love Earth Day held at lobby of Wisma Sanyan on 22 April.
  3. Segregation of household waste at Pulau Li Hua, Taman Seduan, Bukit Lima/Jalan Belatok, Jalan Apollo and Kolej Laila Taib collecting a total of 14,513.1 kgs of recyclable materials.
  4. Household composting and garbage enzyme projects; a total of 5,049 kgs of green waste were collected from markets and restaurants for composting.
  5. Collaboration with ZHA Environment Sdn Bhd had collected 1248.85 tonnes of used tyres within SMC jurisdiction.
  6. 13 Cleaning Campaigns were jointly organized with NGOs.
  7. More than 14,672 truckloads of garden, construction waste have been disposed at Seng Ling dumpsite.
  8. 25,000 cubic metre of sludge were desludged from septic tanks of 8,626 premises.



Promote Usage of Biodegradable Plastic Bag

Council observed that the adoption of biodegradable plastic bag that introduced to all retailers  has received good feedback and there is unanimously agreement among the retailers on the collection of 20 cents per bag to be donated to charitable bodies particularly for social contribution.

Cooperation is sought among proprietors of different types of businesses to embrace the initiative on “Say No To Plastic Bag” version 2.0 towards a more liveable and green environment for our future generation.



Cleanliness and Sanitary

Eatery outlets are getting popular whereby plenty of innovative ideas have been implanted to popularize respective outlets.  However, all proprietors of eatery outlets are reminded not to have any slaughtering activities in the premise whereas all slaughtering activities shall be properly carried out  at Council  licensed slaughtering house under Council jurisdiction.

Having leisure activities in parks and garden is commonly seen among general public.  However, Council has received complaints on the irresponsible pet owners that simply left the pets’ waste in parks.  In this respect, all pet owners are reminded to clear up the waste because  failing to pick up dog’s waste may harm the environment as pets’ waste is full of bacteria, viruses and parasites that may bring health hazards to all parks users.




In order to ensure a clean and orderly town, Council continues to enforce the stray dog problem, illegal parking and littering issues in 2017.  As of 27 December 2017,

  • 1,323 stray dogs have been impounded. (256 dogs claimed; 229 dogs licensed)
  • 4,641 Compounds were issued for illegal parking in town.
  • 473 Compounds were issued for littering around CBD areas since the revised compound fees to RM500 from July 2017 onwards.



Standard Guidelines for Walling-up 5-footways and Open Space for Commercial Purposes

There are a lot of businesses illegally walling up of 5-footways and open spaces purposely for commercial usage under Council jurisdiction.    Irresponsible business proprietors are deeming to neglect safety aspect along 5-footways and open spaces whereby such areas are no longer pedestrian friendly at all.

On top of that, Council has circulated “Standard Guidelines for Walling-up of 5-footways and Open Space for Commercial Purposes” and the implementation shall be with immediate effect on 1.1.2018.  All  business proprietors are reminded to fully abide the guidelines as stipulated in order to create a zero hazard 5-footways and open spaces for the general public and to avoid  fire safety related crackdown.



Council Achievement in Assessment Rates Collection

Sibu Municipal Council is glad to announce that as at 27 December 2017, the assessment rate collection for the year 2017 has reached RM37,408,902.83.  That constitutes 93.55% of the total yield this year.  Furthermore, we have collected 34.27% of arrears amounting RM2,255,180.83.  We wish to attribute the remarkable collection to the ratepayers who have rendered their full support and cooperation.  Your assistance will help Council to continue its provision of municipal services to the people.



Terminate Collection of Assessment Rates Bills by Pos Malaysia

Council wishes to inform the general public that assessment rates bills can be on-line payment /made through Paybills Malaysia  with immediate effect on 1.1.2018.  Public  are advised not to make payment at the followings:

  1. Pejabat Pos, Jalan Kampung Nyabor
  2. Mini Pos, Rejang Park
  3. Mini Pos, Sg Merah
  4. Mini Pos, Ulu Lanang
  5. Mini Pos, Sibu Jaya
  6. Mini Pos, Petronas Oasiz
  7. Mini Pos, Jalan Salim
  8. Mini Pos, Permai
  9. Mini Pos, Rambutan
  10. Pos Bergerak



Closing of Payment Counter

I would like to announce that Council payment counters at Urban Transformation Centre , Sibu and Treasury Section at Level 19, Wisma Sanyan will be closed at 11:25 am on 29 December 2017 in order to facilitate the closing of Council’s account activities for the year 2017.  However, Council service counter not involving any generation of payment will still be operational to serve the public.



Closing Ceremony Visit Sibu Year 2017 cum Countdown 2018

The inaugural closing ceremony Visit Sibu Year 2017 will be organized on 31 December 2017 at Sibu Town Square.  We urge our fellow Sibuans to come and join this occasion.

Council is going to launch the Tagline for Sibu Tourism during the closing ceremony of VSY Sibu in order to ensure a sustainable development in Tourism sector.  We hope everyone in Sibu to play their roles to promote Sibu Cultures, Local Delicacies and Places of Interest through social media and broadcast channels. 

YB Dato Sri Wong Soon Koh, Minister of International Trade and E-Commerce and Second Minister of Finance Sarawak will be the Guest of Honour for the ceremony.



Vote of Thanks

Last but not least, I wish  once again to take this opportunity to thank all Councillors, Council staff, Government Department/Agencies, NGOs, Media and fellow Sibuans for rendering your endless support during this year.  Let’s us embrace simplicity and sincerity of living and have a wonderful New Year ahead.