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Kemaskini Pada: 19 Jan 2020
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Amanat Bulanan Pengerusi 25.7.2018Amanat Bulanan Pengerusi 25.7.2018

[Mesyuarat Penuh Majlis]

YB Datuk Chairman highlighted the following issues :


Anti littering campaign

With effect from 1 July 2017, Council had started to enforce RM500.00 anti littering compound to offenders who are caught littering within the Council’s jurisdiction. CCTVs are also used to identify litterbugs. Offenders would be published in the local newspapers to create awareness to the public that Council is taking stern action against the offenders. Whistleblowers with concrete supporting evidences about the offence shall be rewarded and their identities would be kept confidential.

From January to June 2018, the total number of compounds issued for the first half of year 2018 was 449 but less than 50% have paid their compound. Failure to comply and/or refuse to pay will result in court action to be taken against the offenders. The implementation of RM500.00 anti littering compound fee is vital as an effort to deter the acts of littering including throwing rubbish from the car windows or to the drain or dumping of bulk refuse under the trees or within CBD areas. Residents are advised to put their domestic rubbish outside their houses during the scheduled rubbish collection days to ensure a clean environment.

Perintah Kehadiran Wajib (PKW) Act 1954

With the implementation of RM500.00 since 1 July 2017, littering problem has improved greatly in Sibu. Council has also given discount of compound up to RM100.00 for the first time offenders. No discount will be given to offenders for 2nd time onwards. However, there are still some who ignored and refused to pay the Compound. The general public are reminded that after the grace period, no discount willn be given.

Instead, Perintah Kehadiran Wajib (PKW) Act 1954 will be implemented. This Compulsory attendance Order is imposed by the Court upon conviction of an offender, that is, anti-littering for alternative imprisonment if the Offender choose to carry out community service if he/ she fails to pay the fine. Types of community service that can be imposed are as follows :

  1. To sweep litter at Council’s building/ parks
  2. To clean/ wash Council’s public toilets
  3. To sweep around religious buildings
  4. Etc. as it deems fit and necessary

The Parole Unit of Prison Department will monitor the implementation of the PKW of which the Court shall make order that the Offender to carry out the community service of 4 hours per day up to 3 months maximum. If the Offender fails to report himself/ herself to the Parole Unit, Warrant of Arrest will be issued against him/ her. The Offender will be given special Uniform when carrying out the community service and wide coverage of publicity will be given to educate the Offender and the public. The publicity is not to cause shame/ punish the Offender but to cultivate awareness of civic-minded among the public at large not to litter as even a small cigarette butt in public places.

However, if the Offender pays the compound before he/ she is brought to Court, discount will be given. Once the Offender has received the Court Order, he/ she will have to pay full compound of RM500.00 or carry out the Community Service as ordered.

This is in line with the anti littering enforcement  activity to ensure no offenders will be spared from being penalized for such irresponsible behavior.

By imposing more severe fine and stricter enforcement, hopefully Sibu could be a zero-litter town and be a pleasant and liveable town. I also would like to commend and applaud our staff especially the enforcement team for working hard for the past one year since implementation of the RM500.00 anti littering compound despite the challenges faced by them.

Apart from this, Council is also considering to study the similar law so as to take stern actions against the offenders  for illegal parking in view of the existing serious illegal parking problem.


Public nuisance of stray dogs and pigeons

Council has received frequent public complaints on the nuisance caused by stray dogs and pigeons. Although Council appreciates the intention of the public to keep dogs as pets and security against potential theft, we appeal for the public full cooperation to not let their dogs roaming around the publics roads and parks. A common habit of the dog owners is letting their dogs out to roam outside the house early in the morning and after work. Thus causing unnecessary nuisance to public.

Council has caught 775 dogs for the 1st half of the year 2018 and the figure is far from the actual number of stray dogs that can be found in public places. We have limited men on the ground and I wish to appeal for the dog owners to keep their dogs inside their own premise or refrain their dogs from public places.

Council has also received complaints of nuisance caused by pigeons in public places. The nuisance arises when public tries to feed the pigeons and thereby attracting more pigeons to the same area, particularly at Rejang Park Commercial Square and also residential area at Jalan Chong Jin Bok. I wish to warn those concerned to stop feeding the pigeons with immediate effect.



Abandoned vehicles

Council has received numerous complaints from the public regarding nuisance caused by abandoned vehicles, most of which are about abandoned vehicles in public places such as open spaces and road reserves. Such irresponsible acts are causing traffic obstruction and polluting the environment.

Upon receiving the complaints or come across such abandoned vehicle, Council will identify the owner and give the owner seven (7) days to remove the abandoned vehicle. The owner would be compounded under Local Authorities (Cleanliness) By-Laws 1999. If the owner cannot be identified or traced, Council would attach the same notice onto the vehicle to instruct the owner to remove the vehicle.

Council would remove the abandoned vehicle at a cost if the vehicle remains unmoved after the expiry of the notices. The vehicle would be disposed if nobody comes forward to claim them.



Borneo Cultural Festival (BCF) 2018

The 15th edition of Borneo Cultural Festival (BCF) 2018 has kicked off on 19 July 2018 with a cultural parade comprising of representatives from every community such as Dayak, Melayu/ Melanau, Chinese, Heads of Departments, SMC councillors and staff and business community. The parade was held on 20 July 2018 at 6:15 p.m. with participants wearing their traditional costumes, showcasing the diverse cultural heritage of Sibu. It was followed by a grand opening ceremony by Yang Amat Berhormat Datuk Patinggi Abang Haji Abdul Rahman Zohari Bin Tun Abang Haji Openg, Chief Minister of Sarawak with the lighting of the BCF Arch and special cultural performance to celebrate the grand opening of BCF 2018.

BCF is still ongoing with programmes and activities at every Community Pavilion Stage and Tradex Belt. BCF will end on 28 July 2018 and public are encouraged to come and immerse themselves in the multicultural experience throughout the festival.



Borneo Talent Awards (BTA) 2018

With great pleasure, I wish to announce that the biggest talent search competition in Borneo is back for the 8th edition. Auditions will be held on the following dates:

BTA 2018 Audition :

  1. Venue : Boulevard Shopping Mall, Kuching
    Date : 9 September 2018 (Sunday)
    Time : 2:00pm
  2. Venue : Boulevard Shopping Mall, Miri
    Date : 15 September 2018 (Saturday)
    Time : 2:00pm
  3. Venue : Farley Supermarket, Bintulu
    Date : 16 September 2018 (Sunday)
    Time : 7:00pm
  4. Venue : Suria Shopping Mall, KK, Sabah
    Date : 23 September 2018 (Sunday)
    Time : 2:00pm
  5. Venue : Farley Supermarket, Sibu
    Date : 29 September 2018 (Saturday)
    Time : 6:00pm
  6. Semi Final
    Venue : To be informed later
    Date : 23 November 2018 (Friday)
    Time : To be informed later
  7. Final
    Venue : To be informed later
    Date : 24 November 2018 (Saturday)
    Time : To be informed later

Those who wish to showcase their talents are encouraged to join as BTA has been a great venue in discovering and showcasing great talents to the world.



Open burning

Lastly, I wish to remind the public not to do open burning during this dry season as it will cause air pollution and bush fire. Open burning in residential compound is under the jurisdiction of Council while open burning in open areas is under the jurisdiction of NREB. I would like to advice the public to ensure that there will be no more episode of haze within our neighbourhood especially, to ensure a clean and healthy environment for the people of Sibu.