SMC launches Conducive Public Sector Ecosystem to create comfortable, tidy, safe working environment

Posted on 27 Jun 2023
Source of News: The Borneo Post (Conny Banji)

Ting (second right) launches Eksa as (from right) Yong, Mohammed Abdullah and Jestina look on.Ting (second right) launches Eksa as (from right) Yong, Mohammed Abdullah and Jestina look on.

SIBU (June 27) The Sibu Municipal Council (SMC) has launched the implementation of Conducive Public Sector Ecosystem (EKSA) to create a comfortable, tidy and safe working environment.

Its chairman Clarence Ting said the system is an initiative to improve the implementation of 5S practices adopted by the public sector in addition to improving the culture of organisational excellence.

The 5S methodology refers to sort, set in order, shine, standardise and sustain.

“There are guidelines provided as standards of cleanliness, tidiness and safety and the use of Eksa is subject to appropriateness at the zone level.

“EKSA was introduced in January 2014 as an initiative to rebrand the 5S practices to highlight a conducive and quality workplace environment to be more relevant to public sector departments and agencies in the country,” he said when launching EKSA during SMC full council meeting today.

According to Ting, the main component in the implementation of EKSA is still based on improved 5S practices.

“SMC is committed to implementing EKSA to become a high-performing organisation through the practice of a conducive and quality work culture.

“I also appeal to all parties, especially the councillors, to always cooperate with the council staff and members of the public.

“Avoid getting involved in any conflict by prioritising the best service and maintaining an efficient and effective service delivery system,” he said.

Also present were SMC deputy chairman Mohammed Abdullah Izkandar Roseley, acting secretary Yong Ing Chu and legal officer Jestina Teresa Kaben.