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Sibu Municipal Council is committed to provide quality and reliable services to the Sibu community.

Community Engagements

Develop and enhance local community to generate local economy for Sibu and as service delivery partners to SMC.


SMC Core Business/Scope of Works

Power and Division of SMC

1. Developing A Sense Of Community

  • A Regulatory Role

    Sibu Municipal Council therefore has to define by-laws and regulations which support this development of a sense of community. Sibu Municipal Council's regulatory role is not designed to constrain, restrict or limit the freedom or quality of life of the community - rather it is to encourage a sense of community and to protect it from the potential deprivations by just a few.

  • An Education Role

    Sibu Municipal Council has a responsibility to disseminate and communicate these by-laws and regulations to the community at large, proactively endeavouring to educate the community as to how these by-laws and regulations will benefit them.

  • An Enforcement Role

    A necessary adjunct to this regulatory role is Sibu Municipal Council's role as an enforcer, to ensure that the Sibu community as a whole is protected and nurtured against minority, selfish and self-interest.

Administration Division :

  • Corporate Planning and Community Services

  • Organisational Transformational and Innovation

2. Provision of Basic Town Infrastructure