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Kemaskini Pada: 19 Jan 2020
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Amanat Bulanan Pengerusi 28.11.2018Amanat Bulanan Pengerusi 28.11.2018

[Mesyuarat Penuh Majlis]

YB Datuk Chairman highlighted the following issues :


Unauthorized Extension

Despite wide publicity on the requirement to apply for approval to extend an existing building, Council still receives a lot of complaint on unauthorized structures or extensions. Council would like to remind everyone to abide by the provisions of Sarawak Building Ordinance, 1994.

One cannot blame the neighbours or public for lodging complaints against their irresponsible actions to extend their buildings without seeking approval from Council. None of us like to have an unwelcome change to the residential environment, which obstructed the natural lighting, ventilation and a sudden unsightly change of their surrounding facades. We support the sensitive feelings of members of public at large.

Council has taken demolition action against a few unauthorized extensions to residential and commercial buildings this year. Council will continue to take appropriate action to demolish similar violations in the coming months. Those violations include the property owners who walled up the 5-footways, cemented car parking bays into a platform and erected big awnings over public roads. Similar action would be taken against the house owners who extended the car porch and boundary encroaching onto State Land; i.e.  Road Reserve or Open Space. The open defiance of law could not be tolerated and that reflected the business ethics of certain sector in town.  We urge those involved to immediately demolish the unauthorized structures on their own or face demolition action by Council.

I regret to quote 2 cases of huge illegal buildings within the jurisdiction of municipality:

  1. Reminded me of the recent visit of one of the Ministers to an educational building without approval of Building Plan and issuance of Occupation Permit by Council. Council has great concern relating to the illegal structures and safety of school children. The property owners shall seek approval and fulfill all the requirements without prejudice to other relevant Government Departments and Agencies.
  2. One corner unit terraced-dwelling house at Lorong Permai Jaya, Sibu was found having illegal extensions works at first and ground floors at rear for bird nest harvesting.

Notice to stop work and demolition notice were served on the owners to adhere to the Council’s Building By-laws and provisions of Sarawak Building Ordinance 1994, failing which Council would move in to demolish the illegal structure, without prejudice to other Government Departments/Agencies. All cost incurred in the demolition exercise shall be borne by the owners.            

A few owners of commercial and residential houses had been taken to court in relation to the unauthorized extensions. The Court action would proceed after approval had been obtained from the Deputy Public Prosecutor (DPP).

Council would like to repeatedly remind everyone to abide by the provisions of Sarawak Building Ordinance, 1994. Before you renovate your building, make sure you apply to the Council for approval. Many owners are still ignorant and proceed to renovate their houses beyond Land & Survey Department and Council’s relaxed requirements/guidelines.



The Local Authorities  (Dog Licensing & Control) By-laws, 2018

The new Local Authorities (Dog Licensing & Control) By-laws, 2018 has been approved by the Sarawak Cabinet on 18.10.2018 and shall be enforced on 1.12.2018. There was an urgent need to enhance Dog Licensing and Control By-laws due to rabies outbreak in the State. This new By-laws would enable the Local Authorities to have more effective control over the dog population, inclusive of bred for sale. The new By-laws limited the number of dogs per property to 3 dogs for landed properties, or one small breed dog for flats and apartments.

The licensing fee for each sterilised and non-sterilised dogs is RM30.00 and RM90.00 respectively. Fees for any additional sterilized dog are RM90.00 and RM270.00 for non-sterilised dog.  By-law 4(1) provides for the licence to be valid for 3 years upon being issued. Local Councils in Sarawak is in the process to take action against pet owners who cannot produce licence for their dogs.

Licenced dogs will have metal tagging as proof of having a licence. I wish to remind all pet owners to ensure that their dogs were kept in the house compound even if they are licensed. Dog catching is an on-going activity.  Council’s Dog Catching Team shall impound those found roaming the street and non-licensed dogs.

A fine of RM5,000.00 shall be imposed upon anyone who keeps a dog without any licence. Any person who obstructs Council Officers from carrying out their duties shall be charged under Section 162 of the Local Authorities Ordinance, 1996 and liable to a fine of RM1,500.00 or imprisonment not exceeding 6 months, or both.

The number of dogs caught for the month of November 2018 is 105. As from 1.1.2018 till 26.11.2018, a total of 1190 stray dogs were caught.



Illegal Dumping

I have noticed the problem of illegal dumping still happened within the jurisdiction of Sibu Municipal Council (SMC) area. It is indeed a sad phenomenon to see many people simply dump rubbish and bulk refuse at road verge, 5-footways and traffic island.

Despite numerous Cleaning Campaign and Public Awareness Programmes organized by the Council, this particular issue still occurs and has spoilt the image of our town. Our Council receives reports on some irresponsible persons who dumped the construction debris at the 5-footways or parking bays in the commercial area.

I wish to stress that Council is going to take stern action on those irresponsible persons. Public are reminded to fully co-operate and support our effort to keep Sibu as a clean, beautiful and sustainable town.


Anti-Littering Campaign

A total of 760 compounds were issued from 1 January to 15 November this year. The compounding rate was initially RM20.00 but reviewed to RM500.00 since 1 July 2017 so as to deter the habitual litter-bugs. Council reemphasizes that offender who fails to comply with such By-law and/or refuse to pay the compound fee would be subjected to face court action.

Members of public were encouraged to provide supporting evidences such as video and photo captured to Council for stern action against litter-bugs, particularly in Central Business District (CBD) areas. All residential neighbourhoods were also encouraged to notify Council should they found any offenders dumping domestic waste and construction debris along the road verge or open space at residential areas.



Car Ramp Erection Occupying Car Parks/Open Space and Traffic Island

Sibu Municipal Council (SMC) has shown concern on road reserve, parking bays and open space which were vested to Council but occupied by the illegal ramps. No ramp shall be allowed on the driveway which may pose danger to other road users.

Ramps being constructed in various types, sizes and location without prior approval of Council especially those protruding out onto the public place posed danger to the public.  Hence, safety and cleanliness issues shall be the priority aspects to be resolved to safeguard the interest of public and other road users.

All shop operators are required to seek approval and payment of permit fee for erecting ramp over parking space occupied.  The permit shall be computed in half yearly or yearly basis or in proportion for new application to ease the administrative process of the Council effective 1.1.2019. Parking bays occupied by ramp which possess a valid permit shall be demarcated with “GREEN” colour for convenience of Enforcement Officers on duties and public to ascertain that the space had been approved by Council. Only steel ramp shall be approved for the new applicant. No concrete ramp is allowed unless being approved by Council.

I wish to seek the co-operation of all the operators for erecting ramp over parking space to approach the Council’s Parking Superintendent at Level 12, Multi-storey Car Parking Unit at Jalan Wong Nai Siong to process the application upon payment of deposit and rental fee etc.

Council has resolved to take compounding action on those operators on illegally erection of concrete or steel ramp over carparks and open space. All operators of car accessories and workshops shall comply with Council’s regulations to avoid illegally occupying of parking lot.



Handing-over of Traffic Light Maintenance  to JKR

I wish to announce that Council had handed-over the following traffic light maintenance to JKR on Tuesday, 13.11.2018 at 3.00pm. Any request from public on the maintenance work at the following areas in the future  shall be advised to refer to JKR:

  1. Brooke Drive/Jalan Teruntum (Brooke Drive 16)
  2. Jalan Keranji/Brooke Drive
  3. Jalan Oya/Jalan Deshon/Jalan Tunku Abdul Rahman
  4. Jalan Ulu Oya/Jalan Tunku Abdul Rahman
  5. Jalan Oya/Brooke Drive
  6. Brooke Drive/Jalan Merdeka
  7. Jalan Ulu Oya/ Sibu Hospital Entrance
  8. Jalan Tunku Abdul Rahman/Jalan Tun Ahmad Zaidi Adruce
  9. Jalan Deshon/Jalan Deshon Timur
  10. Jalan Pahlawan/Jalan Brooke Drive
  11. Jalan Tunku Abdul Rahman/Kemunyang
  12. Brooke Drive/Jalan Deshon/Jalan Teng Chin Hua
  13. Pan Borneo Highway/Jalan Ulu Oya
  14. Pan Borneo Highway/Sibu Airport
  15. Pan Borneo Highway/Sibu Jaya
  16. Jalan Ling Kai Cheng/Jalan Pedada/Jalan Deshon



Federal Road – JKR

It is my great pleasure to disclose that the following Federal Roads were under the purview and maintenance by JKR:

  1. Brooke Drive
  2. Deshon Road
  3. Jalan Oya
  4. Jalan Ulu Oya
  5. Jalan Salim
  6. Jalan Tun Ahmad Zaidi Adruce (Salim to Hospital)
  7. Jalan Tunku Abdul Rahman

I hereby appeal to members of public to observe that those road signages printed with SMC Logo only were under the maintenance of this Council.



Harmoni Uptown Market

Harmoni Uptown Market situated next to Taman Selera Harmoni, at Awang Ramli Amit comprising of 52 stalls selling clothing, home-made cakes, biscuits, merchandised items, IT goods, electrical appliances, utensils and souvenirs.

Trading hours are from 5.00pm till midnight from Fridays to Sundays. The set-up is similar to a Night Market. However, there are still 7 vacant stalls and propose to open up for selling fruits and vegetables. Both Bumiputera and Non-Bumiputera were encouraged to apply for the vacant stalls. Application form is obtainable at UTC Counter at the Multi-storey Car Parking Complexes adjacent to Sibu Central Market upon payment of RM1.00.


Rename  Jalan Pedada as “Jalan Dr Wong Soon Kai”

Upon the approval from Ministry of Urban Development & Natural Resources, Kuching, Sarawak on 18.10.2018 to commemorate Late Datuk Patinggi Dr Wong Soon Kai, Jalan Pedada will be renamed as “Jalan Dr Wong Soon Kai”. The Road Name signage is in the process by Council for public information.

Thank you