Borneo Cultural Fest makes a comeback

Posted on 05 Apr 2022
Source of News: The Star (Andy Chua)

The Borneo Cultural Festival (BCF), an event which showcases unique cultural differences, is back from July 19 to 23 at the town square after a two-year absence due to the pandemic.

Sibu Municipal Council deputy chairman Bujang Abdul Majid said although the 2022 BCF would only be held for five days instead of 10, it would still be strategically themed.

The BCF started in 2003 with its trademark theme “Beauty in Ethnic Diversity.”

“We are going to celebrate the vast culture of Borneo for everyone to enjoy together. However, we will have some changes to the BCF this year.

“We expect everyone to converge in Sibu to celebrate ‘Beauty in Ethnic Diversity’ from Dayak, Malay-Melanau and Chinese ethnic groups,” he said at a press conference.

Bujang said the council was doing its best to ensure the BCF would be celebrated fully, while adhering to rules and regulations.

He urged those attending to comply with latest standard operating procedure by ensuring physical distancing.

Standing committee for social development committee councillor Zaiton Abdul Kadir said the BCF this time was on a smaller scale compared to previous years.

“In all the previous BFCs, these three groups had their own stage to showcase their cultural performances.

“But this time, we will only have one main stage. Each of them will be allocated one night for their own event at the main stage,” she said.

According to vice-chairman of the committee Andy Ting, this year’s BCF would take place at Phase One of the town square instead of the usual Phase One and Two.

“The three races will have 20 stalls to sell their respective delicacies,” Ting said. – By ANDY CHUA