Stop throwing grease into drains, eateries told

Posted on 05 Dec 2022
Source of News: The Star (Andy Chua)

Ting says Sibu Municipal Council has to keep clearing the clogged drains.
Ting says Sibu Municipal Council has to keep clearing the clogged drains.

SIBU Municipal Council will start compounding eateries next year if the operators are caught discharging used cooking oil into drains.

Its chairman Clarence Ting said the act of discharging grease had become rampant, resulting in the council having to clear the clogged drains.

“This mess is created by the eatery operators and we have to do the cleaning.

“As of next year, we will issue compounds,” said Ting after chairing the council’s full board meeting.

He added that the council had cleaned six drains in the Tanahwang area and five at the back lane of Raminway.

The drains in these two places, he said, were clogged with grease from the fast food restaurants.

“The public lodged complaints that the council is not doing its job, but it is the people who are not cooperative.

“They clog the drains and they expect the council to clean up. This sort of situation has to stop,” he said.

When asked on the compound fee, Ting said it was up to the council’s Enforcement Department.

He urged food operators to immediately stop discharging used cooking oil into the drains and avoid getting compounded.

Ting also expressed disappointment with the contractor and the council’s health section supervisor for failing to clean up drains in Jalan Tiong Hus for 25 years.

He added that he had visited the site on Nov 29 where desilting work on the drain in the area was being carried out.

“This problem was started by residents who fixed drain covers so their cars can enter the compound.

“Flooding never happened there before, but because of the clogged drain, it is happening now,” he said.