SMC should think of new ideas to attract visitors to Sibu Central Market, says Ting

Posted on 30 Aug 2022
Source of News: The Borneo Post (Jane Moh)

File photo of the Sibu Central Market.File photo of the Sibu Central Market.

SIBU (Aug 30): Sibu Municipal Council (SMC) should think of new ideas to make Sibu Central Market a more attractive place for people to visit and shop, said its chairman Clarence Ting.

Ting said the new ideas are important as he suspected that the business at the central market has dropped after the pandemic.

“How much percentage down, I am not sure, but I can see that the traffic has dropped; it is quite quiet.  Is it because of the season? I do not know.

“But I think as a council, we do not wait for the problem to come, we have to address this issue before the problem comes and I think right now, it is a good time to address this issue,” he told reporters after the full council meeting today.

Ting said he is happy that SMC councilors had brought up various issues regarding the business at the central market during the full council meeting, as the council is the one that makes sure that the place is welcoming to people to visit and those continue to trade there will continue to enjoy good business.

“We do have reports here and there that their business is down, so that is why I brought this matter up for discussion.

“I hope the councilors can make new proposals to make the place even better and attractive for people to come and shop,” he said.

During the full council meeting, he mentioned that SMC must come up with plans so that the business at the central market can continue to be relevant to the people.

He said if nothing is being done, the hawkers are the one that will suffer.

Ting said as the younger generation does not visit the central market nowadays, something has to change to attract families to the Sibu Central Market.