SMC assures consumers of enough supply of pork

Posted on 22 Jan 2022
Source of News: The Borneo Post (Peter Boon)

Clarence Ting
Clarence Ting

SIBU (Jan 22): Consumers here have been assured there is no shortage of pork here due to the ban of pork delivered from Kuching.

To counter the rumour, Sibu Municipal Council’s (SMC) will publish the number of pigs slaughtered at its abattoir during this festive season in the SMC chairman Clarence Ting’s Facebook page.

“We will publish number of pigs slaughtered at the abattoir during this festive season.

“This is to address the rumors there will be shortage of pigs due to the ban of Kuching delivery,” Ting said.

Meanwhile, in a press statement Thursday, he said the total number of pigs slaughtered that day was 242.

He pointed out that the number slaughtered was only 10-13 per cent less than the number before the African Swine Fever outbreak.

In a recent statement, Assistant Minister for Public Health, Housing and Local Government II (Local Government) Michael Tiang, said that no African Swine Fever (ASF) case had been detected in commercial pig farms, villages and abattoirs here.

He had said this is based on the results from the RT-PCR tests done by the Department of Veterinary Services (DVS) Sarawak.

“All pork sold in Sibu markets is safe for consumption. Do not buy pork from unknown sources.

“Also, due to abnormal death of pigs in certain parts of Sarawak, I urge members of the public not to buy live pigs from unknown sources as well,” he added.