Sibu Municipal Council: Cooperation needed to ensure efficient, effective council services

Posted on 06 Jul 2023
Source of News: The Borneo Post (Philip Wong)

Ting (seated centre) and Public Health, Environment and Municipal Services officers at the press conference.Ting (seated centre) and Public Health, Environment and Municipal Services officers at the press conference.

SIBU (July 6): Sibu Municipal Council (SMC) is committed to provide an efficient and an effective municipal service to ensure improvement in the quality of life.

In stating this, SMC Public Health, Environment and Municipal Services chairman Richard Ting said this is to ensure the council’s mission to transform the town into a sustainable and liveable city by 2031.

“We need cooperation from our communities, businesses and various stakeholders to ensure improvement in quality of life under a sustainable and liveable concept both socially and economically,” he told a press conference yesterday.

With cleanliness being a paramount objective of municipal services, Ting said SMC had stepped up efforts in good governance of and good workmanship from various stakeholders to ensure the orderly tidiness and cleanliness of commercial areas within urban and suburban communities.

He said the areas included street sweeping service, drain clearance and flushing service and refuse collections and scavenging service.

For street sweeping service, Ting said it covered all public spaces within commercial areas which shall be maintained and kept clean under municipal services provided by way of daily street-sweeping service, including five-foot ways, open drains, open malls, footpaths, roadways and parking bays.

“For drain clearance and flushing service, all perimeter drains of the central business district including office blocks and shophouses are cleared and flushed at the frequency of once a month using high-pressure jetting trucks and vacuum/desludging trucks by SMC’s contractor to ensure clean and efficient drains.

“As for all other urban and suburban commercial areas, they will be maintained by SMC’s drain maintenance team at the frequency of one in 45 days by using flushing trucks.”

He added that when a notice for drain maintenance is served, all business operators must cooperate with the contractor for the smooth drain clearance and flushing maintenance work.

Ting also advised all food and beverage business operators to install grease traps or food sieves where necessary and applicable, to prevent food waste from being discharged into any council drain which may affect efficient drainage or cause such drain to be polluted, clogged or blocked.