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Kemaskini Pada: 19 Jan 2020
Versi 8.2.2
Amanat Bulanan Pengerusi 28.2.2018Amanat Bulanan Pengerusi 28.2.2018

[Mesyuarat Penuh Majlis]

YB Datuk Chairman highlighted the following issues :


Assessment Rates Bills 2018

All Assessment Rates Bills of first and second halves year 2018 had been sent out to owners of properties or premises on early of February 2018 by Council Rating and Valuation Section.

Cooperation is sought from all rate-payers to settle payment as early as possible to avoid last minutes rushing that might cause inconveniences and fulfilling responsibilities of rate-payers.

Apart from that, Council wishes to remind all rate payers that assessment bill for the first half of year 2017 should be settled before 31 May 2018. Duplicate copies of Assessment Bill could be obtained from SMC Counter, Kaunter Agensi Kerajaan Negeri Sarawak UTC1, Sibu Central Market Multi Storey Car Park, No. 2, Jalan Bengkel, Sibu. Payment could be settled either at UTC Sibu or Paybill Malaysia. The Council shall not entertain any claim that the bill has never been received.



Bazaar Ramadhan

This is a platform to promote social harmonious among multi-racial society. 

So far Council has approved application of trading sites by Management of Pelita Towerview Wisma Sanyan at Public Mall Stretch (opposite Chung Hua Kindergarten) located at Jalan Sanyan from 17 May (Thursday) to 14 June (Thursday) 2017 and Jawatankuasa Penjaja-Penjaja Bergerai Sibu at Sibu Town Square Phase II from 15 May (Tuesday) to 13 June 2018 (Wednesday).

Any interested traders are encouraged to submit their proposal to Council for application of trading sites for Bazaar Ramadhan.


Busking Events

Council welcomes any application to organise busking events at public spaces such as Rejang Esplanade, Sibu Gateway, Sibu Town Square, Kutien Memorial Park etc. within Council jurisdiction. Youth or NGO bodies may grab this opportunities to organise variety types of activities in the format of Street performance that commonly practiced all over the world and dates back to antiquity.

Council has approved busking events organised by Borneo Event Entertainment (BEE) at Sibu Gateway from February to March 2018. These activities would be another point of attraction for family and friends gathering to spend leisure times together while enjoying the performances.



“Say No to Plastic Bag” Campaign 2018

Council initiated this campaign since 16 November 2009, the campaign is evolving into the tenth years of milestones towards enhancing the green awareness with the implementation of “Say No to Plastic bag 2.0” campaign on 1 January 2018.

In order to make the campaign more sustainable, joint collaboration with NGOs, media partners particularly Cats FM to widely promote objective of the campaign through education programmes and promotional activities either on the ground or on air. Council strives to reach different strata of communities despites carrying traditional roles in municipal services.

Undeniable reducing the use of plastic bags is an environment-friendly approach, however, Council observed that awareness among members of general public still considered low whereas majority of super stores are actively participating in this campaign. Towards making a win win situation, massive participation of civil society to conduct a public awareness campaign of the importance of reduction of plastic bag consumption shall become an important agenda in our life.



Sanitary Practices and Preventive Measures of Rabies Outbreak

Recently, a circular issued by the Samarahan Division Health Office to all clinics in Samarahan division to conduct a thorough examination of any case with clinical signs of suspected Hepatitis A disease in relation to the epidemic of Hepatitis A involving two cases in Kampung Asajaya Laut. Therefore, Council urges cooperation from all eatery outlets and food handlers to cook water prior any beverages or dishes serving to customers.

In order to tackle on the increasing number of unhealthy practices of food operators for being the food feeders for stray dogs and cats, all local authorities may suspend or revoke the license under Section 145 of Local Authorities Ordinance, 1996 if the licensee has been guilty of a breach of any of the followings:

  1. No pets or animals are allowed in the food premises;
  2. Food outlet operators and their clients are strictly prohibited to feed the stray animals especially dogs and cats within the surrounding area of their premises.
All food operators and hawkers are urged to use clean aprons, hand gloves and head gears during any food preparation. Council would work closely Sibu Divisional Health Office to ensure a safe Sibu for all.



 Seng Ling Dumping Site

Numerous complaints about nuisances of rampant illegal dumping particularly building materials and general wastes within residential area will definitely jeopardize the quality of liveable environment. Council would not hesitate to take compounding action against those culprits simply make illegal dumping at black zones such as Old Airport, Jalan Bukit Lima Timur 14, Jalan Trusan, open spaces, parks and garden and even abusing the function of Recycle Bin Centre.

Council encourages members of general public and renovation contractors to utilise Seng Ling Dumping site for proper dumping purposes. The dumping site is free for all and therefore the site should be fully utilized.


Proposal on SMC Development Project 2018

Council strives to enhance infrastructures and facilities that beneficial members of general public as follows:

  1. Upgrading and renovation of Khoo Peng Loong Market to be implemented at the second half year 2018.
  2. Re-development of Taman Selera Muhibbah Food Court but subject to finalise layout design and plan.
  3. Upgrading and renovation of Sungai Antu Market whereby all stallholders shall be re-located at Jalan Tapang, Sungai Antu to be implemented on March 2018.
  4. Upgrading and renovation of Night Market to be completed latest by April 2018. So all hawkers may back to original site then.

Sibu Tower Run 2018

Organising Committee has achieving an overwhelming participation this year. Under the coordination of Sibu Underground Runners Club, this year indeed marked another milestones of the event. Attractive cash prizes at total RM 7800.00 is the key attraction to all participants. The participation is not restricted to local, hence, we are glad to see a lot of new participants all over Malaysia and some foreign countries.

The actual date of Sibu Tower Run 2018 is on 11 March 2018, we hope that social media users could widely promote this event might as well promoting lovely Sibu.


Homely Sibu- Heartland of Borneo

Last year, Visit Sibu Year achieved a great success. Tourism partners comprises hotel industry, eatery outlets play significant roles as frontliners to demonstrate the best courtesy and therefore identify better services that could be implemented to strengthen effective customer relationship.

This year, we shall work hand in hand to embrace Sibu Tourism Tagline “Homely Sibu- Heartland of Borneo” towards realising a sustainable development of Sibu Tourism.

Last but not least, in the season of joy, may the blessings of Chinese New Year outshine all of us here. Happy Chap Goh Mei to all Chinese Councillors.