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Kemaskini Pada: 19 Jan 2020
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Amanat Bulanan Pengerusi 30.6.2017Amanat Bulanan Pengerusi 30.6.2017

[Mesyuarat Penuh Majlis]

YB Datuk Chairman highlighted the following issues :



Littering remains a never ending problem despite SMC has put great emphasis on anti-litter issue for some 20 years already.

Various Standard Operating Procedures (SOP) and environmental or green programs have also been initiated by SMC to enhance public civic-consciousness, but not much impact on public’s attitude towards littering.

SMC has also encouraged NGOs and associations to promote cleaning campaign, but so far the public shows poor response to co-operate and there is still seemingly little impact of civic-consciousness.

Littering remains a bad habit.  It is so common to see public throwing rubbish out of the car window.

Each year SMC needs to spend high cost for desludging, street sweeping, rubbish collection and maintenance of Kemuyang  Landfill amounting to RM15 million.

Aside from the high costs associated with cleaning, littering and illegal dumping becomes a blight upon the local community, inhibiting economic development, health and safety problem and also potentially attracting more crimes.

Public must be aware that littered burning cigarette butts can fly into the open window of another car and cause fires.  Litter can cause accidents when vehicles trying to avoid roadway litter to make unsafe maneuvers.

Litter is one of the first signs of social decay.  If we don’t care about litter on our street, in our park, on our roads and other public places, we are unlikely to care about other environmental issues that negatively impact on our lives, our communities and society.

People should be proud of the areas that they live in.  If an area has a litter problem, it is going to reduce or even destroy the pride that residents have about living there.  When an area has a litter problem, its residents do not want to spend time there, meaning an area becomes uncared for, community spirit suffers, and as a result people’s wellbeing and health suffer.  It also means that residents worry about other problem associated with litter, such as economic  impact, crime and anti-social behavior.  This is not a small problem.

It is no surprise that an increase in litter leads to an increase in rats, which creates health hazard.

To curb littering problem, we would also like to urge the public to put rubbish in a standard rubbish bin and place it after 7:00 p.m. on respective days to facilitate the rubbish collection.

In addition, we should not put the rubbish bin on the drain cover which causes eye-sore to public.  People should be concerned about the appearance of their area as much as concerned about their own appearance and their own house.

Currently, every day, SMC receives many public complaints and Councillors’ requests to clean up rubbish.  Each year cleaning up the litter incurs high costs for SMC.  It does not include the cost to local authorities from the loss of business,   tourism, the impact on people’s health and the environment, the costs to society and other consideration.    Quite simply, if an area is seen as having litter problem, people won’t visit it and that area will not experience growth.  The financial cost of litter is therefore huge.

A few pieces of litter along the side of the road may not seem a crime, but it is.  In view of the adverse effects of littering and the long existing problem, SMC is forced to enforce anti-littering by-law strictly.  Whether it is littering or illegal dumping, any improper disposal of trash is against the law.

With effect from 1 July 2017, any violator caught littering will be fined with a compound of RM500.00.  As such any compound not paid will be brought to court.  CCTVs will also be used to identify those litterbugs.  These litter bugs will be published in the newspapers too.  Anyone who gives information with supporting concrete evidence about litterbugs will also be given incentives by SMC and your identity will be kept confidential.

To create public awareness, SMC has put up 46 banners at strategic points to remind public of compound RM500.00 upon litterbug.  Besides, 24 road signs have been erected at various road junctions to remind public of “NO LITTERING”.

With more stringent punishment and aggressive enforcement, we hope that Sibu, our loving town, will reach the target  zero rubbish town and become a more pleasant place to live beside leaving a clean image to all especially to create a good impression to tourists.

Let us all Keep Sibu Clean!  Treasure it! Don’t Litter because Litter makes the Town Bitter!

The Only Cure for Litter is YOU!



Food Trucks

Recently, food truck business culture is getting famous throughout the country where offering a brand new and creative way of dining at accessible places such as open spaces and road sides.

I would like to take this opportunity to inform the general public that the application for food truck licence shall be opened to all interested applicants with immediate effect from 1 July 2017.  All applicants are restricted to obtain 1 licence only.  Interested applicants are reminded to submit the details of food menu and duly completed Hawkers’ Application Form to UTC Public Health & Services  counter or Council’s Public Health Section at Level 20, Wisma Sanyan.  The application form can be obtained at UTC Sibu at RM1.00 per copy.  Due date for  submission of the application form is 31 July 2017.

Council has initiated to implement the Food Trucks at 8 potential locations as follows:

  1. Jalan Khoo Peng Loong Waterfront (along the parking bays)
  2. Chuan Corridor
  3. Kutien Momerial Garden
  4. Rejang Park Traffic Garden (Car park area next to 1Malaysia Clinic)
  5. Lake Garden Phase I at Permai Barat
  6. Kampung Nangka (Car park area in front of YS Café)
  7. Sibu Public Library (Car park area)
  8. Jalan Tapang

The pilot project of Sibu Food Truchs will take place at Jalan Khoo Peng Loong Waterfront.  Operating hour at the said location is  from 6:00 p.m. till 12:00 a.m.  All food trucks used for such purpose shall comply the vehicles’ specification subjected to approval by JPJ.  All successful licensees are to be issued with Licence fee subjected to yearly renewal under the First Schedule (By-law 3) “Hawkers with Motor Vehicles”.



Illegal Parking Compound


Council has observed that outstanding compound fees on illegal parking are getting worst nowadays.  Furthermore, Council is disappointed with the irresponsible behavior of certain groups of public to instigate other people not necessary to pay off the compound issued by Council Enforcement through social media.  Such behavior will definitely erode the positive social values of our society and it would absolutely set an incorrect example for the next generation. 

Therefore, Council would like to re-emphasized that all offenders on illegal parking will be brought to court if the fines were not being settled within the stipulated period.  Apart from that, the list of car plate number and the outstanding amount of all offenders will be published in newspaper, Council’s official website and Facebook page.



Borneo Cultural Festival (BCF) 2017

Council is going to organize the 14th Borneo Cultural Festival from 20 till 29 July 2017 with the theme “Beauty in Ethnic Diversities”.  Similar to the past years, Malay & Melanau Pavilion, Chinese Pavilion, Dayak Pavilion, Cultural Belt Exhibition and BCF Tradex will work together to showcase the truly colorful festival throughout the 10 days. 

Besides showcasing multi ethnics of local performances, Council has extended invitation to Nangklum Ceria from Indonesia, Punjabi Folk Dance Academy from India and SMK Yu Hua from Penisular Malaysia, and four Friendship cities: Minqing County, Gutian County, Gulou District from Fujian Province and Puyang County from Henan Province, China have been confirmed to join BCF 2017 for the last three nights of BCF main stage performances at Sibu Town Square Phase I. 

Apart from Opening Parade of BCF 2017, there will be grand opening ceremony right after the opening parade at Sibu Town Square Phase I (nearly Malay & Melanau Pavilion) on 20 July 2017. YB Datuk Abdul Karim  Rahman Hamzah, Minister of Tourism, Arts, Culture, Youth & Sports of Sarawak has been invited to officiate the opening ceremony of BCF 2017.  All participants of Opening Parade will be putting on their tradition costumes to showcase the variety of cultural heritage of local communities they presented.



Rural Transformation Project (RTP)

Council strives to enhance the infrastructures by implementing maintenance or improvement works from time to time.  In this respect, Council is going to proceed with the improvement works for Jalan Then Kung Suk and Jalan Upper Lanang from Jalan Lada Junction to Jalan Then Kung Suk in the second half of this year.  The fund is specially allocated for Dudong Constituency to implement the two projects.  Overall cost for the two projects is RM1.8 million.