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Kemaskini Pada: 19 Jan 2020
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Amanat Bulanan Pengerusi 25.10.2017Amanat Bulanan Pengerusi 25.10.2017

[Mesyuarat Penuh Majlis]

YB Datuk Chairman highlighted the following issues :


Engineering Works

Council has resolved to take compounding action on those errant owners for illegal parking at traffic island, road verge and drain cover within the vicinity of Town Square Phase 1 & 2 and other CBD areas during any festivals or celebrations and normal days to prevent damages to road and green areas.

YB Datuk  Chairman commented that Council would take appropriate action on those operators on illegally erection of concrete or steel ramps over carparks and open space. He appealed to all operators of car accessories and workshops to comply Council’s regulations strictly.

He also reminded members of public not to park at those newly upgraded backlanes at Jalan Channel and Jalan Market as it might destroy the beautified pavement and pose hazard to pedestrians.



Upgrading of Existing Pasar Malam

YB Datuk Chairman announced that an overall upgrading of Pasar Malam at Butterfly Car Park and Cross Road would be carried out for about 10 weeks duration with effect from 1.11.2017.

A dialogue meeting with the stallholders of Pasar Malam was held on 17.10.2017 to notify them on the temporary relocation to the previous Pasar Malam trading site at Market Road and High Street during the course of upgrading work. After the upgrading work at the existing Pasar Malam at Butterfly Car Park, the trading lots would be increased from 176  to 204.



Anti-Littering Campaign

Since the implementation of SMC Littering By-law with effect from 1 July till 22 October 2017, there are still 68 cases of littering in October 2017.

Most of the offenders were from outstations or foreign nationality. The offenders for discarding cigarette butts and others recorded 25% and 75%  respectively.  The statistics of late were as follows:



No of cases


Compound issued



Compound paid



Unpaid compound





YB Datuk stressed that littering has increased the cleaning expenses of Council. The main objective of imposing littering campaign was to have a mindset change of litter-bugs so as to create a cleaner Sibu town, but not the intention to collect revenue. He also shared his experience whenever the offenders approached him for reducing the fine.

Cleanliness of environment is the responsibility for all residents and he urged the public to give full co-operation to refrain from littering.



Advertising Flyers

Another issue was the advertising flyers left on wind-screen of motor vehicles unattended. Members of public were advised to refrain from distributing any advertising flyers.



Stray Dogs

Council had caught 160 dogs from 1 to 24 October 2017. To maintain public safety, dog catching team shall be confronted with various callouts concerning roaming and uncontrolled dogs. Stray dogs were impounded due to owners' failure to keep their dogs within their compound. Undeniably, there were risks from stray dog spreading diseases and etc. Pet lovers were encouraged to handle the pets in a proper manner.



Promote of “2.0 -  Say No to Plastic Bags”

Since the version “2.0  - Say No to Plastic Bags” implemented on 1 October 2017, all the operators of Supermarkets, business outlets and other merchandizers were supportive on this campaign.

Council observed that members of public were keen to participate and bring along their shopping bags. YB Datuk Chairman appreciated the co-operation of public to utilize the cartons [paper boxes] being supplied by the supermarkets.

Council is considering for extending this campaign to all wet markets in Sibu in making a more friendly environmental society in future.



Approval to Organize Event

Recently, Council noticed that there are some groups of event organizers starting publicity and promoting of their events prior to obtaining any approval from Sibu Municipal Council.

Council would like to emphasize that all application to organize any event by utilizing the facilities and venue within the Council’s jurisdiction should obtain the approval prior to the implementation of publicity and promotion of the event.

YB Datuk Chairman added that the application should be referred to the monthly Standing Committee Meeting for General Purposes & Community Services for a decision. Council would also work closely with Police Department.



SMC Customer Engagement Day 2017

Annual outreach programme “To Meet the Customers”,  introduce the functions and roles of various section under SMC to the public. The outreach programme would be held on 28 October 2017 (Saturday)  at the Orange Zone, Daesco Star Mega Mall from 10:00am to 6:00pm.

YB Datuk Chairman extended his invitation to the members of public at large to meet the customer session. Councillors were divided into three groups:   (a) Engineering Section   (b) Public Health & Services Section (c) General Purposes Section to answer and gather feedbacks relating to municipal services and infrastructure maintenance. Plenty of interactive games and lucky draw sessions would be arranged throughout the day.



Assessment Rates Collections

Sibu Municipal Council is glad that as at 25 October 2017, the assessment rates collection for the year 2017 has reached RM 33,918,970.53. That constitutes 84.79% of the total yield this year.  Further, we have collected 31.32% of arrears amounting to RM 2,060,996.53.

YB Datuk Chairman attributed  the remarkable collection to the ratepayers who had rendered their full support and co-operation.  Apart from that, Council wishes to remind all rate payers that assessment bill for the second half of 2017 should be settled on or before 31 October 2017.

Duplicate copies of Assessment Bill could be obtained from Counter 4, UTC Sibu, Kaunter Agensi Kerajaan Negeri Sarawak UTC1, Sibu Central Market Multi Storey Car Park, No. 2, Jalan Bengkel, Sibu. Council shall not entertain any claim that the bill has never been received.