Vaccination drive gets good response from Sibu hawkers
Tarikh : 07 Jun 2021  Sumber Berita: The Star (Andy Chua)

SMC committee chairman Clarence Ting (left) helping a hawker register for the vaccine.SMC committee chairman Clarence Ting (left) helping a hawker register for the vaccine.

SIBU Municipal Council (SMC) has received good response from hawkers to its Covid-19 vaccination drive.

This comes after the council’s decision to make vaccination a condition to renew their trading licence.

SMC Public Health committee vice-chairman and councillor Jenny Ting said they helped operators, their workers and dependants to register through the MySejahtera app and also manually.

Among the places they visited were the central business district, Jalan Maju, Rejang Park, Grand Height market area, Delta Mall in Seduan, as well as bus terminal and Permai Market areas.

“The response has been excellent as we told them about the new condition, ” she said.

However, hawkers who have been certified by doctors as not suitable for vaccination and those under 18 are exempted.

Ting said the council would issue a certificate to eateries whose workers have been fully vaccinated by Sept 1 this year.

She said the move to get hawkers and their workers vaccinated was to assure the public that they would have a safe environment to dine in.

The council, she added, also encouraged the public to register for the vaccine.

“Eatery operators may set a condition to only allow those who have been vaccinated to dine in, ” she said. — By ANDY CHUA