SMC chairman warns of tough action against coffeeshop operators that continue to allow dine-in during MCO
Tarikh : 17 Jan 2021  Sumber Berita: Borneo Post Online (Peter Boon)

Ting checks on a coffee shop to ensure no dine-in service provided.Ting checks on a coffee shop to ensure no dine-in service provided.

SIBU  (Jan 17): Chairman of Sibu Municipal Council (SMC) Clarence Ting warns of tough action against coffeeshop operators that remain at odds and continue to allow dine-in during the Movement Control Order (MCO) period.

“Three coffee shops (in Rejang Park) continue to have dine-in and I told each and everyone of them, if they continue, I will get SMC enforcement to close them down,” he said in his Facebook post today.

At Civic Centre area, Ting noted of coffee shops along the civic centre fence showed signs of dine-in.

He also disclosed that a check at one the shops near SEB office, the standing thermometer was not working and the owner was unaware.

A check in Sungai Merah area, he observed that those coffee shops behind the riverbank laid out tables, taking for granted that enforcement would not knock on their doors.

“I urge the public to think first before going to these areas. This is only the second day and already are taking this lightly. This morning, I received public report that people are dining in at Rejang park. I felt the urgency to check and warned those and I got police to go there first.

“If you see this happening, please message me. Those who continue to take these lightly are exposing themselves unnecessary,” Ting cautioned.

In this regard, he urged the members of the public to be the ears and eyes of the authorities to contact the Covid-19 operation room manned by the police at 084-323224 or WhatsApp to 013 999 4158 if they spotted anyone flouting the MCO.

For the record, during the MCO enforced in Sibu Division (Sibu, Kanowit and Selangau), coffee shops and restaurants can only provide takeaways and strictly no dine-in.

In an earlier post, Ting received of the many feedbacks regarding dine in at Rejang Park and had asked the police and SMC enforcement to take action.

“Must bring these coffee shop owners and their patrons to the station. Compound them.

“They are risking their own safety and those living in the area.”

He bemoaned that many also continued to inform of businesses remaining open despite not being essential trades.

“What’s wrong with these people. If they don’t appreciate government efforts to stop the spread of Covid-19 then maybe the police will show them.

“I hope all of you will stay safe. Even though the positives are getting less, it doesn’t mean this outbreak is under control,” he stressed.

He ended his post with a point to ponder that those screening results from Sibu indoor stadium were not out yet.

Separately, an observation at the town around 7.30pm last night, noted the absence of lively atmosphere of a Saturday night.

Major roads and streets in the town areas were quite and looked ‘deserted’ as folk stayed at home following the enforcement of the MCO from Jan 16 till 29.